Top 10 Films of 2016! Everyone is doing one, everyone has read one. Theres no beating around the bush with this Top 10. A straightforward article on why these are my best films of 2016. (These are the UK release date not the U.S).

Yes there might be a few films that haven’t been seen. However, there will be reviews coming for those and wishing I would have seen them in 2016 for this list. With the likes of: Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Swiss Army Knife, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Jungle Book, and Train to Busan and many more. These are just a handful of films that were missed but sure to catch them in 2017 for a review.

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These are just some of the films that were close to breaking into the Top 10 but didn’t quite make it:

Green Room
Eye in the Sky
Bone Tomahawk

Starting with:

10. The Hateful Eight
Coming out on 8th January this was a very anticipated film. It doesn’t disappoint, by picking up the best score award at the Academy, and by the amazing cast and storyline. This is exactly why it is in my top 10.

9. Hell or High Water
Hell or High Water, a brilliant modern day take of a western! Brothers that want to keep the family home, their home. It truly is an amazing film that show what the banks are doing to small families. With a brilliant cast and script that help make you feel sorry and angry for these brothers.


8. Room
Room is a very interesting film, its nothing what we have seen before. Room doesn’t fall into the cliques of a kidnapping story. It follows the story of the little boy ‘Jack’ which really changes our perception of these types of stories.


7. Rogue One
Its a Star Wars story! This would be higher in any other year, but there has been so many great indie films that need to be seem on a higher ground. Rogue One obviously smashed the box office, loved by critics and fans.

6. Sing Street
Sing Street has one of the best soundtracks of the year. This is one of the reasons why it is in the Top 10. It shows the importance of music to teenagers and how it works to change peoples lives and how they work with one another. Everyone imagines their youth when watching this film.
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5. Chicken
They say British Indie Films are dead. Chicken shows that it is booming, it is stronger than ever. Coming from debut director Joe Stevenson this is an outstanding film. His second feature is underway and its something that we should all be looking forward to.

Chicken Featured

4. Revenant
There isn’t a review for this unfortunately but hoping to get one done in the near future. Revenant is brilliant, its one of the best performances from Leo and smashed the Oscars back in February which was much well deserved.


3. American Honey
This was my favourite film of the year till I watched it again. Then it went down a few spaces. However it is still one of the best British indie films of the year, it shows the true struggles of what American teenagers have to go through. American Honey also won BIFA best film of the year which is outstanding.


2. Nocturnal Animals
Tom Fords second feature film comes in at number 2. Nocturnal Animals is a stunning film, its not just a story, its a film that makes you think about everything. Every little thing that goes on throughout is outstanding. Beautifully shot which makes this the most stylish film of the year.


1. I, Daniel Blake
The best film from 2016 is, I, Daniel Blake. This film still got a standing ovation 5 weeks after its release weekend. This just shows how important and brilliant this film actually is to the UK audience. Ken Loach has done it again. It brought a tear to everyone. Plus this made the UK parliament take about the issues it raised. That must mean something!