About – A punk band get a gig at a Neo-Nazi bar, when leaving discover an unwelcoming revisit capturing the band in a green room fighting for survival.

Green Room doesn’t hold a certain main character; they all have selective roles that proceed throughout the film. The band and the Neo-Nazi’s are the two focus points within the film. This is why it is difficult to label just one character as a main character. The band, which consist of 4 members, in the green room 2 people and Neo Nazi’s at least 14 members. So already trying to maintain a main character isn’t going to happen because each character has a certain story to tell throughout the film.

Pat (Anton Yelchin), if you had to define a certain character as the main character you would pick Pat, he is the guitarist for the punk band that is the sort of the character that you would not imagine being in a band like this one, he is fragile and scared in every scene until the last few.
Anton Yelchin, well-known for appearing in Terminator and Star Trek. I haven’t seen Anton in a film in a couple of years from memory but it was refreshing to see him in a crime thriller. He played Pat rather well, he really got into the character’s mind-set showing emotions and being fragile throughout the film. He wasn’t the leader of the band but by Anton’s performance it showed how scared this character was during the situations and taking lead of the band during this action.

Imogen PootsAmber (Imogen Poots) is in the green room where the situation happens at the time and gets caught up in the action. She is the blonde haired girl that you would get in your usual horror, saying stupid things like “we should split up”. She says stupid things like that throughout the film but takes a twist on being the heroine within the film helping people out.
This is the first time I have seen Imogen Poots in a film, personally I think she portrayed Amber very well compared to other actors. She brings the punk to the film if you take away the music you can tell by her ideology that it is punk related. Having that badass swag about her walk and clothing relating to punks she knows how to bring that on-screen. Imogen Poots really takes the character Amber to heart and wants her to do well but never actually fulfils the character. You can see she tries but at the same time she just needs to relax and do what Anton did with Pat and get in the right mind-set of the character.

Green Room 2Darcy (Patrick Stewart), Darcy is evil and knows how to play the game for the police to make sure everything goes to plan. He is the one that owns the punk bar and head of the Neo-Nazi’s. Darcy calls the shots on what needs to happen and what he doesn’t want to see during the crime that takes place. He plans every situation to make sure he doesn’t get caught at the end of the attack.
Patrick Stewart is the big name in Green Room that has brought a lot of attention to the film, due to him being a high actor, which personally I was surprised to see in a crime thriller like this one, I was very impressed by him and his character. He played Darcy in a very dark and evil manner, his voice alone brought great tension to his character and with this dark eyed look throughout the film Patrick got into the mindset of being the owner and leader of this group, it was terrifying to see, which is exactly what you want to be feeling when leaving this screening.

In my previous post ‘Blue Ruin’ the director Jeremy Saulnier is the writer and the cinematographer which in Green Room he is only the director and writer. I felt frustrated with the cinematography because it wasn’t as beautiful as ‘Blue Ruin’. They’re two totally different films but they’re both crime thrillers and with the direction of both of these films I think Jeremy Saulnier should have stuck with the same roles of ‘Blue Ruin’. Personally I preferred ‘Blue Ruin’ visually compared to Green Room, it made you feel like you was actually at the locations watching the action unfold. Whereas Green Room you knew you were watching a film, which again personally I don’t like I like being thrown into the action on-screen compared to watching something unfold. Arguing against this point it was still beautifully shot with the locations and the action sequences.

Finally, Green Room is a gory, action, crime, and thriller film. This is exactly what Jeremy Saulnier does with his work. The fast pace action scenes are incredible working together to make sure that the action and tension isn’t too much for the audience is perfectly done. The characters and actors are perfectly fitted together, how they’re all connected in some way either love or emotion they show this throughout the film. Green Room shows the true struggles of a band in this day in age which is quite unique in a crime thriller, by saying “the digital world takes away the true emotion of a song and gig”. Green Room, is one of the most thrilling crime films to be produced in a long time that has taken me by surprise, I was expecting high hopes and it was satisfying to see how true all the emotions and actions were during this thriller.

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