About – A school boy in Dublin wants to get attention from a girl who is in the year above, creates a band and goes through the emotional journey to get the girl through the music the band produces.

Sing Street has the feel of ‘School of Rock’ but in such a better and majestic way. It has the same elements of humour and the teachings of music. That in Sing Street the music was SS Brothertaught from the older brother Brendan (Jack Reynor) which has the same comparison as ‘School of Rock’ Dewy Finn (Jack Black) both giving the student(s) homework and enlightening them with the music that they should be writing and producing. Brendan (Jack Reynor) has his own story being a college dropout and not for filling his own dreams, which again makes this comparison so alike. By having this set up of a character makes the main character have breathing space to light up the film to what he wants it to be like more than Brendan’s follow-up dream.

With the elements of musical and fantasy it can either go down the path of just one of these, whereas Sing Street swings into both of these through-out the film, which again makes Sing Street a splendid masterpiece. While watching without realising you replace the main character with yourself flashing back to the time when you was 15/16 years old just getting into music and having the idea of creating a rock ‘n’ roll band. Bringing the music of when you were that young listening to ‘Duran Duran’ & ‘The Cure’ brings that musical fantasy strumming your heart-strings knowing that you once wanted to do this and recreate your icons of your teenage years. Sing Street doesn’t take you away from this mindset but also doesn’t make it too obvious that you forget what you are watching. That makes you feel joyful that somebody has done this to you and makes you think of these emotions that you once had, then brings back the memories that can make you chuckle to yourself while relating to the characters.

The director John Carney, best known for 2013 ‘Begin Again’ & 2007 ‘Once’. John Carney endures a romance fixated with the style of music being the topic of his films. Having these two elements within his films doesn’t make it just a romance but a drama of reality that could change the way his audiences think of music as a whole. Sing Street does the exact same as this statement, having the boy and girl wanting each other without saying it, but through the music that they listen to they know what the other one is thinking. John Carney once said in an interview about Sing Street is that “the film is everything that I wanted to do at the age of the character”. This is John Carneys dream which relates back to the paragraph previously making you think about your time at that age wanting to become a Rock ‘n’ Roll band member singing about reality of your day-to-day life.

SS MiddleThe cast and characters are incredible, you really feel the true young emotions that each one has through-out making it that more believable.
The main character Cosmo/Connor played by Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, was refreshing to see such a young actor take on this lead role showing the raw emotion of love, lost and passion for music. That he probably hasn’t gone through himself in reality, but by not knowing these emotions would have made it even harder for him to comprehend how the character would be feeling at certain times.
The girl that Cosmo/Connor likes is Raphina played by Lucy Boynton who is probably listed as one of the main characters if not one of the characters that is key to the whole drama of Cosmo/Connors love story. Lucy Boynton is superb in this role showing the raw emotions of laughing, flirting and crying towards every character that she encounters with. Making this role probably hard for her to relate to with her background story of which we don’t get to hear from her voice but can see through her different emotions telling the story.

To bring this fantastic film to a close, you come out of the screening and realise that it’s a happy feel film but also a saddened raw teenage emotion rollercoaster.  With scripting that brings all these fantasies when you were at the characters age altogether, to make you remember all your teenage memories all over again. The music was fantastic really capturing the true 1980’s feel of the UK, which made teenage boys and girls wanting to make a music video and creating a band and writing their own lyrics for what has happened in their life.

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