About – Four men go on a rescue mission to save two hostages that were taken by cannibal savages.

Bone Tomahawk is a genre mash-up of Western and Horror. Obvious Western but I wouldn’t say horror in the slightest in my opinion. I can totally see why they have put Bone Tomahawk into the genre of horror, with the gory scenes and disturbing sound effects. But its not what I was expecting as a horror. Yet again it’s a nice twist and change to the usual horror you see in cinema with moving doors and possessed dolls. Anyway, they could have put another genre in there as well comedy, a lot of people will disagree with me here because there isn’t enough humour involved but if you’re classing this as a horror you have to class it as a comedy, I laughed so hard at certain parts and when/if you watch Bone Tomahawk you will see what I mean. With regards to the genre element, I can see again why they haven’t classes Tomahawk as comedy either, because people might think it’s a ‘jokey’ film but it really isn’t the comedy element really works with the western and horror.

S. Craig Zahler is the director for Bone Tomahawk. Who… Craig is probably most well-known for his cinematography roles for short films back in the 90’s and hasn’t really been on the popularity train like most people, you could say he works on certain films that he would get the most fun out of more than the actual fame and fortune from the production. But after Bone Tomahawk I do hope this isn’t the last we see of Craig Zahler’s directory scene, I full enjoyed Bone Tomahawk unlike the person next to me at the time hiding behind her coat every gruesome scene that appeared, to be honest she could have enjoyed it but who knows. It’s his first directory film and what a film you have produced for your first directory role, I felt fully satisfied leaving the screening. S. Craig Zahler is only 43 years old, so he is still learning and getting used to the director’s chair, which is still great to see middle age people fighting for that rebirth in their life to change what they already know, to bring something new to audiences that love new genres or rebirth a genre.

Kurt Russell’s performance isn’t great and isn’t awful, it’s average for Russell. From seeing him in Hateful Eight as the ‘Hangman’ this performance was outstanding and so believable you felt like you actually knew the man himself. Without question Kurt Russell played well in Tomahawk, it was a really nice feel to how he progressed with his roles from the Hateful Eight To Bone Tomahawk with both being westerns had a really refreshing feel on the performances that we can see. My judgement on him in Bone Tomahawk was questioned due to him in Hateful Eight which I know shouldn’t happen being two totally different films and roles but I felt in Tomahawk he could have put in an extra 10% to make it 100% like he did for Tarantino.

Usually I don’t talk about costumes and the makeup in films which is quite upsetting when it is probably one of the most important elements in film. Anyhow, I’ll start off with the bone_11costumes within Bone Tomahawk, they did a splendid job creating the outfits for the cowboys with their proper leather coats and boots, you could actually imagine they looked like this and looking smarter than any man walking into their town. The savages were more makeup than costumes, the only material they had was some soft leather covering their genitals. So leading onto the makeup, which is done by 14 people who really did have their work cut out with Tomahawk, the savages were covered from head to toe in what can only be described as ash grey like, which really brought the savages to life and the distance to society, and normality. The makeup was really done perfectly which really makes me wonder why some blockbusters need such a big budget for makeup when Bone Tomahawk’s budget for the entire film was $1,800,000, and the makeup and costumes and wardrobe department need to be recognised for their work, because of the unique and powerful characters that they made.

Bone Tomahawk I don’t think is what you would have typically visioned seeing the genres as Western and Horror, it’s a first directory appearance by S. Craig Zahler, and the trailer didn’t give anything important away. By looking back on the film, I would truly recommend going to view this on the big screen if you can, it brings out the best visually and the sound effects within the cinema are much more epic compared to watching this film at home. Great work Craig Zahler you really have impressed me with your work on Bone Tomahawk!!