About – Michelle (Mary Winstead) has a car accident and wakes up in a shelter with two men, who claim that the outside world has been infected by a chemical attack.

10 Cloverfield Lane is an intense mystery that sees the truth behind a lie. Howard (John Goodman) takes Michelle (Mary Winstead) under his wing, after she has been in a car accident. This is where the story gets interesting, more than the actual plot of something outside of the shelter.

Everything that Howard says to Michelle and Emmett (John Gallagher Jr) is always questioned, if he is telling the truth or lying to them. Howard always makes sure that he is telling a little truth within every lie. This makes it very interesting on which way the story is going to lead us.

10 Cloverfield Lane is categorised as a horror, if you are expecting a jumpy or scare moment then you’ll be waiting forever. There is none of these elements throughout the film. However, the way that the narrative goes is that the tension makes the horror element comes alive. Which puts you on edge incase something does happen. The narrative leads us to think that the scare element is the unknown. We as a modern-day society fears something over-whelming might happen one day. As Howard, has prospered for such events, it shows that in our society no one is prepared for such issues that 10 Cloverfield Lane raises. It is the unknown that we fear, the normal codes and conventions that we conceive in a horror genre is not being raised.

There are plenty of different ways to corporate the horror element in which way you find personally the horror. The use of a chemical attack is on everyone’s minds with the heightened realisation that this is possible. The man in the room, the true horror of another human, or even the horror of being locked in a shelter where you are afraid of everything that is happening.


10 Cloverfield Lane was Dan Trachtenberg’s debut directed film. He has worked on short films and tv series’ but this is his first directed film. The direction of the film is very well put together; it leads you down one road but something else happens. This makes you second guess what is about to happen or what it happening. Dan has followed the footsteps of Cloverfield (2008), where it covers some of the same issues that Cloverfield raised.

Mary Winstead who portrays Michelle, was done brilliantly. You felt that claustrophobic feeling of the film through her being in the shelter. She brought the whole film together which makes us want her to survive. Mary brought this to the screen, which makes this such an intense mystery drama.

John Goodman who played the part of Howard, showed the true rawness of how he can act. He is a superb actor that has been credited for over 100 films and tv series. John shows his different acting methods in 10 Cloverfield Lane, he portrayed Howard in a way that we felt sickened but sorry for.

Finally, 10 Cloverfield Lane covers some aspects that could be real, with Michelle being forced to stay in the shelter, or even the outside being chemical attack. Some issues are obviously for our entertainment but have such an impact of us that we think this is possible when clearly not. This makes 10 Cloverfield Lane such a thrilling mystery drama.