About – A 5 year old boy called Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and his mother Ma/Joy (Brie Larson) are imprisoned within a Room.

‘Room’ is not your usual captured story; it follows the life of Jack and Ma. You might argue that Ma is the central character but when both sets of characters are in room the camera only follows Jack around for most of the first half. The protection that this story gives the audience is exactly what every parent gives their child just like Ma is with Jack. Jack doesn’t see or feel pain while in ‘Room’ because Ma is over protective and doesn’t want the bad memories to stay with him. The use of fairytales are a big help for this, fairytales always have that comfortable feeling as used in Room such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’, this is down to Ma wanting that protection for Jack. The room they’re in is helped be a universe created for Jack through Ma, there is no end to the walls, Ma does this by letting Jack have freedom but routines around the space. There is a twist in the middle of the film, tables turn and Ma gets selfish in the sense of what has happened to her, she cannot deal with it any longer, Jack doesn’t understand and carries on being a child just like he would in room. Jack surprisingly doesn’t fall into the trap of being scared he gets to experience the things a child always gets, baking, toys, becoming responsible and doing normal child things with Ma.


The cast is perfect; the performances from the two central characters were perfect. Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay play these roles superbly and this is exactly what you need from a mother and son connection. Brie brought everything to ‘Room’ she shows the different moods and emotions that you would see, it is unbelievable in it represents something like a documentary but obviously this isn’t the case. Jacob Tremblay doesn’t even look like he is acting, it is like he is actually doing this in reality, and he brings such brilliant talent for such a young person. At the age of 9 and winning critics choice awards at the beginning of the year, from his performance in ‘Room’ you can tell he is going far in the future. Brie Larson put in that much effort into ‘Room’ and she deserved all the awards she got from this. Further films that are looking like Oscar winners with ‘Free Fire’ she is looking like a set actress to be winning awards every season. Every mother and even fathers can watch this and become fixated into the beautiful family passion these two bring on-screen.

During Room there is a narrative from Jack, expressing his feelings and telling his side of the story through his mind. We can see what he goes through, but ‘Room’ gives us the chance to listen to what Jack has to say. This brings the best of both worlds to the life of Jack; you truly get to understand what Jack is going through, with him not knowing the world on the outside. However listen to his thought process while trying to understand it all. With regards to the strong narrative from Jack, it is like he is talking to us directly when in reality he is just talking to himself trying to process everything that he going through.

room-jacobThe cinematography was amazing, with it being in such a tight space, you can only imagine that it would have been done just to standard but it was brilliant. This film was shot by, Danny Cohen most well known for ‘The King’s Speech’ & ‘The Danish Girl’ both drama based genres same as ‘Room’ keeping his standards ‘Room’ was beautifully shot.
This was captured and helped by the score which was composed by Stephen Rennicks who has worked with the director before in ‘Frank’ Lenny Abrahamson. The score really played with your heartstrings especially when both sets of characters were silent and all you could hear was the tension of the score to set the tone, this really helped the connection you had with the characters.
The screenplay was done by Emma Donoghue who is also the author of the novel; this really helps Lenny on creating the perfect adaptation, for the seriousness of how this film is going to play out. Everything done in this film on the production side of things is brilliant, everyone listened to what Emma had to say to create this perfect transition from novel to film.

There is one criticism that has to be said, when the second half comes along and you are halfway through that part of the film, you are expecting something darker maybe more disturbing more than you have already seen. Only because the film starts off being dark and gloomy and you expect something else to happen. Yes there is something that happens but personally it was coming, most people in these situations end up having mental health problems and this is the case for Ma. Regardless of this you are wanting more you are wanting either a really sad ending or a really happy ending, you can argue it was happy but not in the conventional sense which is probably why this film got so much recognition in the awards season and critics.

Finally, ‘Room’ is not your usual story, it’s your perfect child and mother storytelling of the different moods each have with each other but love always empowers them issues. ‘Room’ isn’t based upon on anything that is true, something that what Emma really wanted you to know about this novel/film. The performances were perfect from everyone and the cinematography and score were amazing as well. This is brilliantly put together and you can see the hard work that everyone has put into this production and the proof is in the finished product.