About – A teenage girl, Star (Sasha Lane) has nothing to lose and joins a group of misfits that sell magazine issues door-to-door. She gets caught up in a whirlwind of partying and a romance that confuses her throughout the journey.

American Honey is not for the older generation that is offended by the youth of today. The way that American Honey represents the youths is down to a tee. With loud music, drinking, smoking, and saying stupid things that people would normally frown at. This is what makes an interesting and beautiful vision of what youths have to go through today.

The atmosphere that the score brings to the film is superb it plays on the young American teenagers, trap soundtrack with a strong base behind it. It is strongly used for cinema use only for the full experience that you wouldn’t get at home watching it on a lower volume. The beat from the music and the group singing along, engages the audience as one of their own. This brings the on-screen and audience connection together, which makes this playlist the finest.

The way that American Honey is filmed is in a very easy but unusual way to illustrate the meaning behind the film. In parts it felt like it was done with a handheld camera, like you were actually there involved with the group. Then in times there would be still shots of beautiful sun sets and brightened moonlights at night. This isn’t any issue to how you respond to the film at all, this brings it back to the meaning of the film and the realistic reality of how the youth are portrayed, serious but fun.

american-honey-sasha-laneAmerican Honey has introduced us to some of the most exciting upcoming actresses and actors. The main person is Sasha Lane who plays Star; this is her debut film which is very fascinating to know due to her beautiful performance. You would have thought she has done this for a while, because of the way she worked the camera to aim to get the right looks and showing her emotions throughout the film.
Shia LaBeouf that plays Jake, has done very well for himself by being in American Honey, with him being the face of transformers back in 2011, he hasn’t really done a great deal of work that is classed as a feature film like this one. In a way he has gone back to his youth and wanted to take control of his life through American Honey. In a way revamping himself to take the audience away from what you know him from. Without a doubt this for me has worked for him, I am very excited to see what work he is going to do after American Honey, hopefully keeping it within the right genre and character roles.
Throughout American Honey, you can’t take your eyes off the amazing performances that are happening, it takes you back to your youth that you always wanted to do, which in the end you can see why it has this much of an impact on you. american-honey

There is one criticism that has to be said, the narrative is quite predictable. Without giving too much away, when the same things happen day and night but with different outcomes or situations, it is very predictable that something or somewhat is about to happen but in a different area. Without a doubt this is what makes the film longer, however arguing that case it is a journey that people have to go down to become an adult which is the journey of the film.

American Honey touches on some matters that most directors and screenplays will never touch, the corporate greed that comes with wealth and not knowing what you have, the materials that kids read and consume within our daily lives, the more you have the less you give and the less you have the more you give. These are just the meanings that I personally took from American Honey; there are loads more within the undertone of the film. American teenagers that are exploring themselves realise these things.

Finally, American Honey is a must see experience at the cinema, the music is what originally makes this film but looking back it’s the underlining and the raw beauty of the actual content of the film. It’s every young person’s way of getting away from all the nonsense that happens on a daily basis. American Honey touches on raw issues that young people don’t say out loud but want to express their feelings. This is what makes American Honey one of the best films of the year.