About – A middle-aged carpenter from Newcastle has a heart injury. This makes him have to apply for the state welfare benefit. However he meets a young woman with two children in a similar situation.

I, Daniel Blake, truly captures the struggles of the system of how to apply for benefits. The system is done on a point’s basis and if you don’t reach a certain height on the points system you have to appeal or be satisfied with lower income or none at all. This is truly how it works in the UK and I, Daniel Blake really capture’s the vast procedure you have to go through. With this instance Mr Blake, doesn’t fall in the category for the income barrier. His doctor has told him that he cannot go back to work. The benefits system doesn’t work on just what your doctor has to say. This is done by the cuts of the government which is supposed to make it harder for people to collect benefits even though their doctor is telling the truth. This sets the tone of the film, which really makes the heart pounding, tearful film come to life.

The way that I, Daniel Blake makes you feel and realise the true struggles is a massive eye opener. You will cry, laugh, your heart will be pounding, blood boil, anger and overwhelmed. All these emotions in one hour and 40 minutes are what you experience from start to finish. It is a true emotional rollercoaster; this is what you get from a Ken Loach film. The emotions come from the perfect performances from all the cast, you really get to know each character and this really enhances the real relationship everybody has with someone or knows someone like this and it brings all your emotions out.
Ken Loach came out a retirement from being a director finishing with his last film ‘Jimmy’s Hall’. He came out and said that he was sick to death of the struggles that people have to go through to make ends meet and what genuine people have to go through to get benefits. Ken Loach is well-known for ‘Kes’ which is a very touching film which is identical to I, Daniel Blake they are both moving and emotional. Ken Loach always captures the true emotions that people go through in the UK; he has the true-eye of what people go through as a working class and lower middle class people.

This is a flawless performance from each and every member of the cast. This is just one of the reasons why this film is so emotional and true. The two main characters are Daniel Blake played by Dave Johns and Katie who is played by Hayley Squires. These two really make this film what it is, by not having a big filmography from both of them, it is refreshing and beautiful to see how realistic it is from actors and actresses that you don’t recognise. You want the best for both of these characters but with different situations they have to deal with each other through thick and thin. Dave Johns goes through all the emotions the audience does, which really makes the on-screen relationship with every age group and gender, everyone feels for the journey he has to go on.

Finally, I, Daniel Blake stays with you for days, which is exactly what Ken Loach wants you to feel. He wants you to feel the pain that the characters go through. You want to help these genuine people but you can’t but then it makes you rethink that you could be helping those in need. This is one of the best emotional films that has been done in the British Industry for a while; it works well with the topics that are not talked about enough in the UK. Ken Loach has defiantly touched so many people due to I, Daniel Blake.