About – A nationwide zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, which turns people against each other.

Zombie films aren’t something new to the action, thrilling scene. However, Train to Busan has truly enhanced and changed the future of this exciting genre. Zombie films have been done before and it’s a very niche narrative. Train to Busan takes the regular storyline but delivers it in such a vibrant way which makes us have mixed emotions throughout and even at the end.

Train to Busan, has one of the most exciting and memorable opening sequences. The attention to detail on shot angles, cinematography, dialogue and narrative, will stay with you through the entire film. It will also continue throughout the film; these small details are what makes this film an entertaining and thrilling experience.

We are placed with four main characters, who are coupled up. First a father and daughter relationship and the second a husband and his pregnant wife. These four characters carry the film, with other characters coming in and out to engage with these characters above. These four characters and others are on the run from this zombie virus that is chasing them on the train to Busan. Whilst saving themselves and others, characters have a realisation on life but also interact with different social classes and views, which makes the film have a current meaning.

The meaning of the film, from a personal point of view. Is when someone needs your help and courage, then it is your obligation to help those in need. Another meaning from the film, was family time together, is the most important aspect of your child’s development. There was a lot of relationship, family meaning through the film, taking a small part of it was the characters and their love for each other or themselves. However, not giving that back to the people that needed it the most. There are many other meanings coming from the film. However, everyone has their own thoughts.

The first initial thoughts are that this is one of those films where everyone is being chased. Well, it is a zombie chasing film. However, the excitement that each character brings, how beautifully shot it is, the easy flow of the narrative. Makes this one of the most exciting and thrilling action movies to come out of South Korea in recent years.

The only bad criticism that can be noted is the running time was too long. There were parts of the narrative that didn’t need to be included which brought boredom and tiredness to the ending of the film. These parts could have been taken out and the storyline would have been the exact same and the outcome would be the same.

Train to Busan, is a gripping exciting film that has meaning but also entertainment. You are left feeling all these different emotions due to the diverse meanings. Without a doubt is it a brilliant film that will keep your hooked from start to finish.