About – When Keller Dover’s daughter and her friend go missing and the police are following different leads this makes the pressure mount. Does the pressure get too much for Keller Dover? How far does this desperate father go to save his daughter?

You first hear Keller Dover ‘Hugh Jackman’ saying a pray to god in a cold snowy wood, with the camera panning backwards from a deer. From this very first instance you receive the tone of the film that it is going to be dark and forgiving.

Hugh Jackman really enhances the feeling of being a father in this scenario, with his little daughter going missing it is every father’s worst nightmare, as Hugh Jackman is a father I can only imagine the emotions that were fly through his body when playing this role. If I am correct Keller Dover the character of Hugh Jackman was done amazingly, it was like he actually lost his daughter with all the emotions there, anger, sadness, off the rails and unclear mind. You can see from the veins on his neck that he wanted to portray this character as an evil man but at the same time only because of the situation he is in, by showing his veins you can tell the anger and the emotion that was going through both the actor and the character.

The Detective of this search was led by Detective Loki; this character was good in the sense of a modern day detective. Usually you see these American detectives in small towns showing off they’re at the top of the hierarchy. However with Loki he was all about the business of finding out what actually happened when these girls went missing. There is a different side of Loki that you see with him working hard day in day out, but then there is certain scenes that made you rethink your decision on him. When Keller Dover walks over to the car when Loki is starting the car from their house interview, he rolls his eyes and says ‘god sake’. This shows the two different sides of the character. Without a doubt Jake Gyllenhaal plays Loki brilliantly with the different sides to the character he really captures them, by using his anger and his work ethic, you can tell that he wants to best performance out of this character and he has done it very well.

Without giving too much away, Alex Jones is the man that everyone thinks has done the kidnapping. This is played by Paul Dano, personally he doesn’t really sell films for me but in this instance he has changed my mind. He isn’t in the film as much as the other two mentioned but he is one of the main characters throughout. You see him shaken up and you see him taking advantage of Keller Dover and saying remarks to get him annoyed, which is exactly what you want from this sort of character.

prisonersDenis Villeneuve is one of my favourite directors, and he hasn’t disappointed again here. With Sicario that came out in 2015 this was the first time the director took me by surprise, after looking into his filmography it isn’t as big or powerful as other directors but Denis Villeneuve has set the bar of some amazing storytelling and playing with emotions. With Prisoners that came out in 2013, it looks like his future filmography is going far, with the new release of Arrival (2016) & Blade Runner 2049 (2017) this is a very exciting future for Denis’s directing future.

Especially because he has worked with the likes of Roger Deakins, who has produced with Denis Villeneuve before in Sicario and Prisoners. Their next production together is Blade Runner 2049 which is still being filmed; this is very promising with the fact that their last two meetings have brought amazing and beautiful films.

This leads onto the music, throughout the first act it was very touching and the music made you feel on edge when watching. The music was done by Johann Johannsson which again has worked with Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deakins before in Sicario and the future Blade Runner 2049. These three have brought such amazing films and their contribution together is bringing out some of the best films. Within Prisoners the music brought a very dark tone to the gloomy winter scene this works beautiful and makes you feel cold during these winter days and nights, which is exactly what Denis Villeneuve wanted the audience to feel.

Finally, this whole production was done superbly from the small props to the big performances everything within it was done to perfection. The acting with these big names has been done so brilliantly that you forget what other films they have been in and this brings you together with everything that is happening during the film. It is beautifully shot and it really throws you into the scenes of all the characters.