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About – An FBI agent rising through the ranks of her male-dominated work place. Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) been assessed by a secret project after her noticeable work in the force. Agrees to take on this promotion to fight the drug war between the boarders of Mexico and America.

An impressive Emily Blunt performance. Straight from the beginning you are thrown into this wild but sensitive footage, where Emily Blunt takes advantage of how amazing she can really be. Then taking a step back where the males are reviewing her work in the force, she doesn’t let the dominance make her uneasy showing she is a strong female ready for the next chapter in her story. There is one disappointing issue within Sicario and Emily Blunt’s performance. Two thirds of the way through the film you lose the sensitivity with Kate being pushed a side of the main character role. Kate still playing a big part in the film, but at a certain point she looses the role and the story gets a different twist to it.

Roger Deakins’ cinematography, with the amazing location shots and graffiti buildings. Shows how this country is so magnificent but so corrupt by its culture. The landscape shots are breathtaking, trying to understand how this amazing place could have such a dark story to tell but Roger Deakins does it superbly. How Roger shows the buildings is exactly how the audience would think Mexico would look, buildings full of graffiti with blood and gun shot holes in the walls. Showing that this place is somewhere you would not like to go but would like to see these places from a distance, which brings the film a clean and clear idea on how bad this drug war city is.

The tension that Sicario gives you is astonishing. From the amazing acting and cinematography, you just need that little bit more to top you off your seat and it has from Johann Johannsson. What an amazing soundtrack, if you’re the one that loves a good soundtrack with a film, you’ve got it with Sicario. The soundtrack being used with the landscape shots of Mexico makes you feel like someone has been sat on your chest for the whole 2 hours.

Sicario may leave you breathless, but that is how Denis Villeneuve wants you to feel. From other outstanding films like ‘Prisoners’ he doesn’t hold back on the thrilling edgy imagery of torture and corps’s, he wants the audience to feel the full picture.

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