British Independent Film Awards (BIFA).

The British Independent Film Awards highlight and reward the best, most innovative and creative independent filmmaking and filmmakers in the UK. We identify and encourage emerging talent, support and celebrate the independent film community and promote British film and talent to the public.

I am happy to announce that I will be a BIFA Champion at Manchester Odeon Printworks.

The role is to help people go see British Independent Films and get the films to grow and to be seen in my area (Manchester). This will involve you guys to help me promote these films in your area (UK) or if you are in Manchester that would be perfect. Some of these films will have been only screened a couple of times in London but some you might of heard of, I, Daniel Blake & American Honey, will be upon some of the screenings.

I will be at the screenings once a month over a year, helping the audience feel welcome and getting feedback of what they have watched. I will also be doing the same by reviewing the films and sending them off to BIFA website, they will also be posted on here, so don’t worry you’ll get to hear/read my thoughts.

If you Like BIFA on Facebook you get to watch live parts of the awards ceremony on Sunday 4th December 2016. This will be the first screening across the nation for everyone to see. If you are wondering where your BIFA cinema is you can check that out on their website

Please help and share this and other reviews done for BIFA. Let’s help Independent British Films.

Thank You!