Before reading this I would like to say, they’re spoilers involved and after reading this have a think about religion while watching Chappie and see if you can see where I’m coming from.

Chappie. It was on the big screen so other media software’s were out of reach, making us the viewer have full concentration on the film. The film had a good story-line from Chappie being the youngest been thrown into the unknown world and been taught evil plans without having a clear knowledge of what was good and bad. The film had an underlining message involved with religion, as the main character Chappie, didn’t understand life, this making the viewer think about their own life as a whole. With Chappie being manipulated into doing evil things then, growing up and coming up with the sense of consciousness this brings the viewer to think a lot more than their own life but about others beliefs and peace of mind. Yolandi (Mother) to Chappie said ‘It’s who you really are inside your soul. The outside, this is just temporary. When you die, the soul, it goes to the next place. What’s inside you—that’s what mommy loves.’ From this quote what Yolandi is saying here is that within you as a person or in this case as a robot you have a soul (spirit) that goes from body to body or thing to thing, this could have an indication to heaven for Christians or reincarnation as it is shown in the film as Chappie changes from body to body. There is a blooper within the film though they say before your soul goes from your body you can’t transfer the consciousness over to a robot because it has already left, when Yolandi gets shot by the time Chappie would have transferred her over her soul would have already left the body making the ending the total opposite from what the director was trying to say because that part of the film wouldn’t work even if you would transfer your soul into something else.