About – Child 44 is about a World War 2 agent and his wife that get caught up in a scandal with the home town police, having too move away due to them getting too close to a case they didn’t want solving, but moving them away made the husband and wife see what was really happening with the serial killer.

Child 44 is a Crime, Thriller, Drama, not the most action pact film that you will see but it does play with your emotions when you start having a connection with the characters. In parts it does make you want to help Leo because we as the audience know he is onto something where no one wants to take interest on what he has to say. When Leo and his wife have to move away it all unfolds and Leo starts fresh on the case without the police of the town having a clue what he is doing, making sure he captures the murderer that is doing all these killings.

The trailer for Child 44, compared to the actual film is very different. The trailer is showing a story about a man in the police trying to sort a case out for these child murders, but really that’s just one part of the film. The film itself is really about Leo and his wife, there is plenty of different storyline’s involved in the film, but if you had to choose the main plot it would be the child murders, which technically that is what the trailer has done, without showing all the other different sub-plots. The positive side to the trailer was that it didn’t show the best parts which made the film greater than it actually was, in the film there was a lot of excitement involved, they didn’t hold back on the killings and brutality that was happening.

Child 44 banned in Russia, just days before the release date. Russian culture ministry said it was ‘historically incorrect’, but the film will be released to the public on DVD and Online when released worldwide. To say a Child 44 was taken from the novel ‘Child 44′ which that was based upon the true events of a murderer Andrei Chikatilo, so to say it was ‘incorrect’ shows that the Russian ministry doesn’t want to show the real truth to the Russian people, which makes the story in the film very worthwhile, showing how the government and the police at the time were so cold blooded. They also said that ‘It is unacceptable to show this sort of film on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the victory’ which again doesn’t really make sense due to the truth behind the film or in other words it is just a film based on a novel.

Finally. What a film, I loved it from start to finish. So much going on which could make people confused on what’s happening but to me, I stuck with it and remembered the smaller plots that were going on in the film. As I said above they didn’t hold back on how brutal some of the scenes were showing exactly what was happening and not the emotions of the characters, we got to see everything this making the audience more engaged into the film and having us have feelings without actually being there.

Child 44