About – Monday’s are always rubbish, no matter what you do. However, Jim’s Monday can’t get any worse, he gets fired at work, dumped by his girlfriend and then hired to kill his ex-girlfriend’s date.

Monday, directed by Alejandro Montoya Marin has done an amazing job in capturing the mixture of drama and action. The direction of the film is well paced, not too slow in the first act. Then, by the second and third act the action starts to emulate, the pace starts to excite us.

A well-thought-out script is always a positive when it comes to a drama, action film. Monday doesn’t disappoint in referring to pop culture references, we all know a guy that does this. There were pop culture references throughout Monday and it lives up to the exciting life of Jim (Jamie H. Jung). Jim loses his job and his girlfriend dumps him all in the same day, then funnily enough, gets hired to kill his ex-friends date. The narrative lives up to the excitement that the storyline proceeds to be.

The acting was good, there were parts in the film, more at the beginning, where you wondered where this was going. However, as the story progressed, the acting improved. Jamie H. Jung did a terrific job in portraying the innocent guy, the reference guy, the why can’t by life just be normal guy. Thankful, the ending to Jim’s Monday lived up to the rest of the film, where Jamie did a fantastic job at working out Jim’s characteristics.

This is exactly what you want from a drama, comedy action film. It has everything for everyone. You have two very dominant females that bring the whole film together. By having these two females, divides the narrative into the ‘badass women’ nowadays films need. They brought action and comedy right at the perfect point in the film, which reminded us of The Nice Guys, two comedic characters that brought something different to the screen.

Monday is a film that you can enjoy over and over again, it lets the characters breath, where we don’t get tired of seeing them on-screen. We have action, comedy and best of all pop-culture references that we can all relate to. We look forward to Alejandro’s next project.

MONDAY was created and shot as part of Go90 and El Rey Network’s series “Rebel Without a Crew.”  25 years ago, Robert Rodriguez made his first feature-length film, El Mariachi.  Armed with a budget of just $7,000 and 14 days to shoot his movie, Rodriguez created an award-winning film that changed independent filmmaking. To mark the 25th anniversary of “El Mariachi,” Rodriguez has invited five aspiring filmmakers to Austin, Texas to take on the same challenge.  Montoya Marin was one of those lucky filmmakers, the twelve-part series follows filmmakers as they attempt to shoot their own feature length film in two weeks with a budget of only $7,000.  The show is now available on go90 and Tumblr: https://rebelwithoutacrew.tumblr.com/