About – A psychological drama that mirrors passion, love and trauma.

Saudade, directed and wrote by Kemal Yildirim has created an independent psychological drama that plays with your mind, through every scene. The award winning independent filmmaker has done a terrific job in creating an atmosphere that will haunt you after the screening.

Alice (Holly-Rose Durham) is losing her mind with memories that ache her from one day to the next. Small things remind her of the love that she has lost and passion that she will never receive again from the man she loves. Holly-Rose has done an amazing job at portraying such a vulnerable character but also shows passion.

The way that this psychological drama draws you in, is through your own memories. We all have memories from loved ones. Whether that’s from past relationships or unconditional love. These types of memories can play a lingering reminder of what you had and what you’ve lost. These types of memories can play a big part in disabling the mind. Within the film to reality, this type of behaviour can make people go crazy or even worse start with serious mental health issues.

Saudade makes you second guess everything you see. This is helped by the reference to death, with shots of a ‘grave’. We start to understand what is happening and then a new short clip appears, which throws you right off course. This is brilliant storytelling, which again, enhances the psychological part of the film.

Saudade is a brilliant, dark psychological drama that will play with your mind from the get go. The acting is great, you felt the pain that Alice was going through. We look forward to Kemal’s next project, as his screenplay skills are very unique and different.