About – In 2002, a seventeen-year-old comes of age in her hometown Sacramento, California.

Lady Bird is the solo debut from director and writer Greta Gerwig. Greta co-directed with Joe Swanberg, way back in 2008 on Nights and Weekends. However, Greta was still learning at the time and ten years on, she has established herself as an actor. Her most well-known performance was 20th Century Women (2016), playing a young teenager who was into feminism and punk. Greta is a well-known actor within the universe of film and by bagging herself an Oscar nomination for best director, she is surely going to carry on in director’s chair.

Lady Bird Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig has done an incredible job on the screenplay. The narrative touches on 21st century issues; religion, homosexuality, cancer, family life and government conspiracies. Issues like these are relatable to everyone in the west, again these elements brought this coming of age film into a true realism picture.

The raw magnetism of realism and teenagehood are remarkably similar to that of 20th Century Women. References to pop culture, mostly with music but from very different decades, and similar on how these references were portrayed. The coming of age aspect of both films are through women, which is key for Lady Bird mostly. Lady Bird has a more ‘mother and daughter’ relationship and the transition from being a teenager to a woman, as the character ‘Lady Bird’ says to her mother “when’s the right time to have sex?” “college… yes college, is the best time”. These types of questions from ‘Lady Bird’ happen throughout the film. This explores the nervousness, relationship and realism that a daughter and mother have. Which establishes that the connection Greta Gerwig wanted was that mother, daughter relationship.

Lady Bird Still 2Without a doubt, Lady Bird is a mother and daughter film. There are references that males cannot connect with. It’s a love story but not any old love story, it’s a story between a 21st century teenager finding her feet in the world, where her mother sees the bigger picture. Whereas, they’re totally different people, but at heart they see the same things.

There was no surprise from the performances of Saoirse Ronan, who portrayed ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson and her mother Marion McPherson played by the magnificent Laurie Metcalf. There are other big-name actors in supporting roles, Tracy Letts playing ‘Lady Birds’ father, Lucas Hedges portraying Danny ‘Lady Birds’ first boyfriend and then Timothée Chalamet playing Kyle. All of these actors put in a stern performance throughout.
Saoirse and Laurie were nominated for an Oscar for their roles, they were outstanding. Saoirse has a very bright future, she already has a strong filmography and it can only get better. Also, we all know Laurie has a great filmography and this is another one to add to her list.

Lady Bird Still

Lady Bird has a very strong humour feature, the dry, sarcastic and real passing comments comedy. These are the types of comedy elements we can all relate too. This is all that is going to be said about the humour, as personally, the humour makes this film what it is.

Overall, there are no fault’s that can said about Lady Bird it’s a perfect viewing that is going to be hard to beat at the end of the year. It’s a true realistic film that 21st century teenagers go through and how they think. It’s a beautiful film, that captures and raises a lot of issues within an short space of time.