About – An independent mockumentary, following Jane and her husband Michael, who is a zombie.

Reality Bites is co-written and co-directed by Lexy Anderson and Ben Murray. Lexy and Ben have done an amazing job at creating a humorous, witty and sarcastic normal (if possible) young relationship.

The first thought that came into mind when the first couple of scenes opened was The Office (UK/US). However, as the film progressed it turned into a more British comedy, like an up to date version of The Office. In a sense, it was younger and fresher. Which leads onto the other reminder, which was BBC Three’s series Pram Faces. This mixture, if done on purpose or by accident, was a brilliant mixture of mockumentary and drama.

One of the best features in this short film is the very British humour. Without this element we are left with two people talking down a camera lens. By adding humour, especially British humour, it replaces the awkwardness of characters talking to us. By having the characters laugh, makes us feel at ease while laughing with them.

Reality Bites Still

There are three characters involved, but I will only be concentrating on the two main characters. Jane (Brigette Wellbelove) and her Husband Michael (Jorge Andrade). As Michael is a zombie, he doesn’t talk much. However, his mannerisms and facial expressions tell the whole story. Then there is Jane, who is the sensible one and in a way looks after Michael as he can’t function correctly with others.

Reality Bites is a fun and intriguing short film. It has all the right components to carry on further or even continue as a few episodes.