About – Earth is on the brink of World War. Scientists are on a space station orbiting earth, testing out a device to solve the energy crisis. However, they end up face-to-face with a dark alternate reality.

Cloverfield Paradox is part of the Cloverfield franchise, being the third film to generate more film theories and more confusion into the set-up. Cloverfield Paradox fits before the 2008 film, Cloverfield. Cloverfield Paradox is supposed to explain what/why the original happened. However, it somehow made it more confusing and made fan theories around the globe more outrageous.

The direction is easy to follow, it’s understandable on why these things keep happening on the station. There is a paradox, the same human/object can’t be in the exact space at the same time. So, things start to go south on the station.

Cloverfield Paradox fits into the franchise rather well, but is it necessary? We are already confused on how/why 10 Cloverfield Lane happened. Paradox makes it easier for us to understand how 10 Cloverfield fits into the franchise. However, by doing this confuses us even more by the origin of the story. Cloverfield Paradox could have been something very special, more fan based for us to figure out or listen to other fan theories. This doesn’t help fans of the franchise but makes it more confusing by opening a massive can of worms or in this case a massive monster.

The film is fun and if you’re not into the franchise and just want to watch these franchises as a standalone sci-fi adventure film, then they’re brilliant. Cloverfield Paradox has all the right elements for a fantastic space, paradox film.

The characters and acting were average, comparing them to 10 Cloverfield Lane the acting wasn’t as good or even close. There wasn’t any great passion for the characters and their backstory. We are more intrigued into the actual narrative to see what happens or more excited for the ending to see why we get the Cloverfield monster in the first film.

Special effects and the costumes were incredible, nothing to fault with these two features of the film. However, by having two amazing elements doesn’t make a brilliant film. The special effects and costumes enhanced the screening, it looked like it had so much potential from the beginning. However, the narrative doesn’t hold strong enough compared to the effects and costumes.

What does the Cloverfield franchise do now? There are so many theories out there now, anything could be true from; there are different alternative universes to none of these actually link. They will keep making these till they run out of ideas, that is a given. Due to people wanting to know the ending of the franchise but also audiences are intrigued on what’s going to happen and if they help link everything together audiences will keep returning.

Cloverfield Paradox
and the whole Cloverfield franchise is perplex.

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