About – In 19th– century rural England, a young bride who is sold and forced into a marriage, discovers her passion for a younger, more roughed up man who works on her estate.

Lady Macbeth is a very fitting and exciting British film. That portrays women in the harshest possible way but accurately suitable within the 19th-century. It also shows that women have the desire to be their own charisma as seen by lead character Katherine (Florence Pugh).

Florence Pugh best known for portraying Abbie Mortimer in The Falling. Has delivered a superb performance as lead woman. She displays an evil but sweetheart young woman that has the desire to get what she wants. In this instance, the right to the house and the man she desperately wishes, nothing will stand in her way. Florence gives Katherine that charm of innocence but can turn into a psychopath in a matter of seconds, she does this with ease.

Lady Macbeth Still

Lady Macbeth is a very British film and you can’t get any more British than a manor house in the 19th-century, run by womanising men that treat woman like dirt, and everyone is dressed always in their Sunday best. The costumes are out of this world, for an independent film with a smaller budget than others. They’re breath-taking to see, detail’s done to perfection. Another element that brought that Britishness to-screen was its ‘posh’ well-spoken dialect that really sets the tone. Lastly, the mise-en-scene within Lady Macbeth are slim but what is there are antiques we associate with the 19th-century Britain.

As the running time is only 1 hour and 29 minutes you are transfixed into this thrilling action packed scenes from the off. The narrative is sensational, it’s well-written down to its smaller details letting characters and the space within the frame breath. As the film is set within the manor house and its gardens there is a lot of space to be viewed, especially seeing as though its only following one main character. These breathing spaces are perfect after the involvement of murder and a lot of sex. So, for a running time of just short of an hour and a half there is a lot going on but brilliantly done to find space. Which lets everything breath and for us to digest everything that has happened.

Lady Macbeth is a sensational British film that captivates a violent but sensitive situation for a young woman, who has been forced to live life by what men tell her to do. After watching trailers and reading synopsis’ you aren’t expecting this thrilling and entertaining love story with a very British ambiance. Personally, it was a surprise and a real gem of a film.