About – When Lucas Chance (Reece Wagner) keeps having these nightmares about his sister Angela (Anna Seibel), she keeps getting kidnapped by the same people. Lucas keeps envisioning her strapped down on a surgical table. He tries to find his sister to reassure himself and their mother that Angela is ok and well. Until, he finds out that his dreams have become reality.

Patient 62 is written by Rick Anthony, and codirected by Rick and Bryce Schlamp. Rick and Bryce have worked together back in 2013, on their debut feature Bread Thieves. Patient 62, is well written and thought-provoking. Due to the film being well written, it allows the audience to have fun with the narrative.

From the start, the characters are exciting and promising. As each character has a special value to the film, from one having ODC to another being passionate about his dream job. These small individual characteristics are what make these characters enjoyable to watch and knowingly that the script it well-written. However, the only criticism with the characters is its actors. Their acting needed a more professional polish than what they know from acting school. With more time or research into their casting, this production could be something even more unique.

Moving away from the criticism and towards the more exciting aspects of the film, the traditional camera angles. These were something that allows the film to be easy on the eye. With shots from low angles to eye level, to long shots, to close-ups, these classic camera operating skills are what makes the film look brilliant but also modern. Being modern is something that Patient 62 needed to be, by having traditional but modern elements within the film it makes it easier for us to enjoy, but also helps us to start thinking about the possibilities of this sci-fi becoming real.

By keeping with the traditional elements within the film, such as the score being heavy rock adding to the sci-fi energy. This type of score doesn’t get added into features that often due to the niche audience that enjoy the music or it doesn’t fit into the narrative that the film aims to be. However, for that traditional energy of a sci-fi film this type of music and the way that the narrative progresses fits perfectly.

Patient 62 has its flaws however this doesn’t affect the brilliance of this film. There are some amazing aspects within the film that enlighten the rest of the production. These small features make you want more and more from the narrative and its surroundings. Patient 62 is a wacky, sci-fi Tarantino style film that sees potential if more time was given.