About – The strength of love, when it’s built out of grief, is challenged with shame, guilt and secrets.

British director and writer Jack James, has stormed the psychological horror genre with his debut feature Malady. Jack has directed four short films, his first The Smoker (2008). He has also directed a music video Eunuchs: Loving and Eating (2012). Jack, has a few credits under his name. However, does Malady help progress his career as a director and writer for feature films? The answer is, yes.

Psychological horror dramas should have a superb tense and eerie score. Having a score that adds tension and heart-pounding components is clear of having a strong impact on its audience. One thing that Malady has is a strong score. The tension that this brings, influences the audience into something is about to happen. Consciously knowing that nothing scaring or jumpy is going to take place, the score still helps that feeling of something drastic is about to occur.

Everything about Malady from the score to the close-up shots of characters faces and their actions, had a sense of Ben Wheatley. His films and Malady bring that edge of your seat element to the audience. If Ben was an influencer than it was obvious, if not, then it is close to what Ben does.

The horror genre has a lot of different features that must be in place to be classed as a horror. Malady is on the fence of this, for a psychological horror it works, as a stand-alone horror then it lacks fright and a strong narrative. The tension and crude narrative plays a big part in the horror aspect of the film, it intensifies the hairs on your neck. Compared to other psychological horrors Malady executes the dramatic tension it desires to be.

Malady is an incredible indie psychological horror drama that will please every psychological film fan but also any indie fan. Indie films occasionally try too hard to be something that it’s not. However, what Jack James has done here has taken the basic foundations of a psychological horror and turned it into something special. The score, camera angles and silence from the characters, elevate the tension that a film like this needs to have to be successful.