About – The British Empire and allies are surrounded by the German army on Dunkirk beach, France in World War II. Will these soldiers evacuate the beach from the Germans?

Dunkirk directed by one of the most famous directors to date, Christopher Nolan; takes on this WWII adventure on the beach of Dunkirk. Usually, we are used to Nolan’s films lasting an average of two hours and more. However, Dunkirk has a running time of one hour and forty-five minutes. The duration of the film was perfect for the amount of non-dialogue and few action sequences. Otherwise, if the film went on for the usual Nolan length it would have been a strain on us all. Nolan provided a well-directed film that didn’t need a lot of dialogue and bloodshed to produce a brilliant war film.

The film is cut between a range of characters, in four to five different locations around the beach. All the characters are in the same present time frame that are trying to either save people or flee the beach. The film doesn’t follow one person, it follows the narrative of the rescue mission more than individuals. This type of filmmaking is unique in this day of age, as some audience members might find this hard to follow or even tedious. However, for film lovers, war heads and even drama thrillers this is a superb film done by a superb filmmaker.

Without a doubt, there will be people out there that are looking for explosions, battles and bloodshed. Sadly, Dunkirk is not for you. However, for a realistic response to this time within the battle of Dunkirk, these men wouldn’t be talking to each other. Due to the tiredness and horrors they have seen throughout there journey. You don’t need explosions and bloodshed either, due to the films aim of the narrative of evacuating troops off the beach. This realistic view-point brings a masterpiece to filmmaking and research, on how it is done and adding knowledge into a film.

Dunkirk Still
As mentioned before there is not a lot of dialogue involved. There is approximately twenty to thirty minutes of speech altogether. Again, some audience members might find this tiresome or hard to watch. However, the way that Dunkirk replaces the low-dialogue is by the thrilling tension of the music. The high-tense pitches and music throughout replaces the dialogue brilliantly. As these men wouldn’t be talking or having a thorough conversation with each other, it brings realism to the film. As the audience already knows what happened in the back story and the stories these men could tell, we can use our imagination of the horrors these characters have been through and seen. So, by having this understanding of less-dialogue and more tense music, it helps the audience to fixate onto the narrative and the situation more than characters.

Dunkirk is a fantastic piece of film that shows that not every WWII film has to be full of explosions, death and even dialogue. By having a tense and heart-pounding score with beautiful cinematography, it helps you realise what these men went through. Even more so on how to make a film like Christopher Nolan. It is Hollywood’s summer blockbuster masterpiece.

Dunkirk Cinematography