About – One night that changed a brother and sister’s life forever.

A Short Introduction To: Love and Purpose is written and directed by Stephen Day. Stephen has truly got the knowledge and vision for a production that touches on a sensitive subject; depression and suicidal thoughts. The direction that the film goes is quite minimal, due to having two characters and a small storyline. This isn’t a bad thing, as in most films, we already know the main structure and the meaning of a film. Love and Purpose sees this opportunity to be creative, which plays with audience’s emotions. With that said, it is very clear that the script is well written but also well thought out.

Introducing characters isn’t always the easiest part. However, Stephen distributed a brilliant opening sequence, which followed into the second act. Opening with a young woman talking about how she deals with depression, mentioning that her rock and go too guy is her brother. This sequence was shot in black and white, with a camera slowly getting closer and closer to the speaker. This technique is something that delivers a brilliant sense of past or future to what is about to unfold. This leads onto the brother and the main story which progresses.

The brother and sister are both dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. However, they’re both very different on approaching the matter. The sister talks about her issues mostly to her brother. The brother falls at the first hurdle and gives in before trying to come up with a solution. However, as the film progresses this first thought takes a dramatic twist over one instance.

The meaning of the film is obvious, Asian-American young people and how they deal with mental health issues. Love and Purpose has an obvious meaning after watching. On a personal level, it has a meaning of family and being there for each other through thick and thin. That blood is and always will be thicker than anything else that comes your way.

The camera work and the score complement each other, with the close-ups and establishing shots, enhanced by the dramatic piano melody and soft violin cords. By both working together, it enhances our viewing experience. Either on a personal level or on a higher level for us to have an on-screen relationship with these characters. However, there is a small detail that could be improved within the camera work. When there is a panning shot either establishing or close-up the camera shakes too much for the focus to keep up with. This could be dealt with by using a stability-pod that helps the camera still while the camera operator is moving.

A Short Introduction To: Love and Purpose is a fantastic film that touches and shows the real struggles of Asian-American young people. We always talk about white people with mental health. However, this film takes us on a journey that makes us think about other people but also teaches us to speak out about these issues before it’s too late.