About – In 1950’s America an aspiring photographer and an older woman have a passionate relationship which develops into something more.

There is a very dark truth behind Carol, it is not based upon any true events or story, it is an adaptation from Patricia Highsmith novel The Price of Salt. However, the heart trembling issue with this storyline is that this could be someone’s story. With same sex relationships in the 1950’s America it was frowned upon and even against the law in certain states. The way that the narrative progresses, you can only imagine what it would be like living in a world that doesn’t accept love. Carol delivers the focus of same sex love and tells a beautiful story that could be true for so many people.

Carol focuses on two main characters Carol Aird (Cate Blanchett) and Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara). Carol is an older woman that is going through a divorce with her husband, since she no longer loves him. This leads onto Therese who is a sales woman in a toy store. These two characters have a small conversation with each other. This small connection the two women have is a huge response to the rest of the narrative. The passion, love and interest they both have for each other is beautifully put together.
Both very important performances in this instance were remarkable. They both used their passion for acting as a guidance while portraying this character which is full of love and romance.

There is a small issue that some viewers might find Carol slow. Without a doubt it is slow, however, it works being slow. The slow pace works to deliver the emotional connection for the characters. This slow pace was once the main point within 50’s films. Dramas would use this pace to aim that emotional side to the audience. With regards to Carol they have fitted the slow delivery pace to us just as if it was a piece from the 50’s.

The way that Carol was filmed can only be described as a vintage film. This vintage effect over the top of the entire film was a stunning element to encourage us to feel that old style of filming. The link between Therese wanting to become a photographer and the effect of vintage was done brilliantly, for us to fixate onto the small details like this. Carol is one of the most beautifully shot films to come out of 2015, it has the style of a traditional Hollywood film that is loveable and flamboyant.

Due to the setting been in the 1950’s America, the score has to be something special to fit into the surroundings. Without any doubt the score was stunningly put together by Carter Burwell, well-known for conducting the score for Legend (2015) and Hail, Caesar! (2016). The score within Carol was breath-taking, the classical orchestra with 1950’s jazz of the New York City suburbs. This mixture of music fitted together brilliantly, which enhanced the viewing of this very stylish film.

Finally, Carol is a stunning piece of art that captivates the realness of love and passion. As Carol says, “Flung out of space.”  Without a doubt this film is one of the most stylish films that has come out of Hollywood in years and it really has flung out of space for us to enjoy repeatedly.