About – 15-year-old Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) has two things that he needs to sort. One: lose his virginity with his new girlfriend and two: save his parents married.

Submarine arrives from the famous British comedian Richard Ayoade. He is known for being in the TV series The IT Crowd. He is mostly known for being in TV series’ and stand-up comedy, however this is a new avenue for Richard. It is rumoured that he is set to direct Apostles of Infinite Love which is in development at this moment in time.

Submarine is broken down into three chapters. This type of storytelling is a usual route to deliver a storyline about an individual especially within a British drama like this.

The first act is introducing the characters and their background. There is a narrator done by Oliver Tate expressing his thoughts and feelings towards his parents whilst admiring Jordana Bevan (Yasmin Paige) his future girlfriend.
The second act is his progression with Jordana. The young love which eventually break-up’s. In which every teenager must go through towards adulthood. This act shows the admirations young people have by trying to be adults while trying to justify all these emotions because of their hormones.
The third act is Oliver trying to make his parents married work. This weird nostalgic meaning of the young boy becoming his father without realising was strange to see. However, this fitted perfectly within the meaning of the film. This act was driven by heart-break but completion with Oliver’s objectives that he set out to solve.

All three acts are presented to us through different colours, which are shown to us within the opening chapter credit. Red representing anger, sorrow and heart-break. Then there is blue which represents ordinary life that we as an audience have been through. These representations are for us to be familiar with the upcoming chapter that is going to be presented.

The cast is very British and a strong British cast at that. Lloyd Tate, Oliver’s dad portrayed by Noah Taylor who is best-known for being in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) and most recently Free Fire (2017). Noah brings a strange persona to his character that no other actor could have brought. His wife Jill Tate portrayed by Sally Hawkins known for being in Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) and Godzilla (2014). Sally has a normal character to portray compared to Noah. Jill is wanting more from her husband and child, she is just an ordinary woman who wants attention from her family in the right way. Sally does this effortlessly which enhances the performances with other characters.

As previously mentioned the two main characters Oliver Tate and Jordana are played by the two most respected young actors in British film, Craig Roberts and Yasmin Paige.

One of the main features of Submarine for being such a huge positive for British film, is that it showcases the beautiful but real representation of Wales. The establishing shots were a true image of a small village of Wales. They were breath-taking shots of valleys, schools, town halls and the sea front. These small shots add a huge element into the narrative to showcase the beauty of the small town.

Usually in British films, there is a good soundtrack ranging from 8-12 tracks. Whereas Submarine has 4 songs, all done by the Arctic Monkey’s front-man Alex Turner, this is including the opening and closing credits. Alex’s soft voice replicates the life of Oliver Tate, who is looking for love and has such a complex life at such a young age. There is also another small element to why Alex’s voice works well within the film. This is because of the similarities of Alex and Craig.

Submarine is a very British film, that captivates the beauty of Wales through its establishing shots. The humour is very teenage British humour, that some people might not understand. However, the realness of Submarine will always be there for years to come, every teenager can relate to it and every adult can reminisce their youth over it.