About – A bio-pic comedy of the famous British Winter Olympian Eddie Edwards, also known as Eddie the Eagle (Taron Egerton).

Taron Egerton is a very strong up and coming actor with some huge features already credited for, the likes of Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) and Legend (2015). Here, he has taken the lead role in this brilliantly comedic bio-pic Eddie the Eagle. Taron truly delivered his own method of acting skills within this role. He has a very strong filmography and it keeps on getting stronger and stronger.

Eddie the Eagle plays out the life of Eddie Edwards the winter Olympian ski jumper. We are introduced to his passion for the Olympic games at a young age, which progresses to adulthood. At this point, he travels to Germany to train at the best ski jumping facilities. This is where we meet alcoholic ex ski jumper Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman). Who trains Eddie how to be the best ski jumper he could possibly be.

Eddie the Eagle has one of the best soundtracks to come out of 2016, possibly on par to Sing Street. Anyhow, Eddie the Eagle’s soundtrack is set in the late 70’s to late 80’s popular music. Which reminds us of the era that the film is set in, it also has that feel-good factor. These tracks are from the mainstream pop charts, in which majority of the audience would have heard of before. Which enhances the feel-good element within scenes, which reminds us of our youth.

The cast would be a massive crowd pleaser for people to be interested and intrigued. Due to the huge opening scene, we are introduced to Janette (Jo Hartley) and Terry (Keith Allen), mother and father of Eddie. As the film progresses we are introduced to the big stars, Eddie Edwards portrayed by Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman portraying Bronson Peary the trainer. This is just to name a few cast members without spoiling it too much. Every performance was flawless, it was brilliantly put together to get the right amount of feel-good and emotional connection for each character. Every character played their role of wanting more, this element is key in a bio-pic due to the unawareness we have with certain characters. Meanwhile, every performance was done to exactly how we would have thought these characters would be like in real life.

The comedy element is mostly between Eddie and Bronson. However, other characters come in and out making passing comments which brings in that factor of ‘under your breath’ humour. The comedy isn’t laugh out loud, but it is classic small humour which brings a smirk to your face and a little giggle. This type of humour is sometimes better than forceful comedy, which in this instance works brilliantly.

The narrative is very simple and obvious. Eddie wants to be something that he is not, making him the hero of the narrative because of his efforts. However, he keeps failing and failing through life but ultimately becomes the best of his ability right at the end. It is something that most comedies do, it is a basic storyline. With this being a bio-pic there must be some elements which are true, but some parts have been added for our entertainment.

Finally, Eddie the Eagle has got a lot of bad ratings which can be noticed throughout. However, arguing against this comment Eddie the Eagle has some of the greatest cast members, comedy moments and a killer soundtrack. That feel-good factor is a huge element within the production which is key for us to engage with the narrative.