About – Vee (Emma Roberts) gets immersed in an online game of truth or dare, without the truth. Where her every move is being watched by ‘watchers’ who plan her next dare.

Nerve, is a modern-day girl meets boy love story. Vee is a normal woman finishing high school who gets caught up in the mist of the online game Nerve. This is where she meets a young man Ian (Dave Franco). They partner up within the game and complete tasks with each other, that the ‘watchers’ plan for them. While they complete dares their passion for each other evolves as the evening progresses.

Vee performed by the niece of Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts gives a staggering performance. Usually we see Emma in rom-coms or common Hollywood comedies. However, seeing her in an indie film like Nerve shows her wide range of skills and her way of acting. You feel that reliability to Emma and her character, from being normal doing well in school to doing something outrageous.
Dave Franco portrayed Ian, who is a rebel within society that takes risks to impress people. However, we find out that he has a heart and cares for Vee that he becomes close with. Dave Franco the youngest brother of James and Tom Franco. He portrays Ian in a very easy but effect way, he has a small resembles of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause (1955), which shows his natural acting skills which looks flawless.

There is a thrilling but terrifying element of the internet within Nerve. The progression of technology that we have today sits on both sides of society, of good and evil. Social medias play a big part in online games or tasks, for instance the small game ‘condom challenge’ was a huge craze back in 2015. Relating this to Nerve this is a clear insight to the power of the people within online games. What we see as entertainment could have a profound effect on someone else without even realising it. Just like within Nerve Vee pushes herself to get more ‘watchers’. By her going out of her comfort zone, this excites the ‘watchers’ for the entertainment fact.

Nerve has some of the best lighting seen within an indie film for a while. The use of neon lights across the whole film, engages us with the period of what we live in today. This brings an element of youth and vibrancy to the film. Nerve doesn’t hold back on the bright lights to show off the cityscape of NYC. Nerve does this superbly which brings our attention to the surroundings of the scene.

Finally, Nerve is a brilliant indie film, that is entertaining but portrays the power and danger of social media and the internet. Usually audiences will take a hating towards films like these due to the standard narrative. However, for a young person looking for excitement this is the film for you, it plays on the youth of a generation fuelled by social media and online games.