About – A detective goes undercover as a patient to investigate a psychotherapist, who he believes is linked to a strange double murder. As the therapy sessions continues the line between fantasy and reality starts to blur.

The Ghoul, is the first feature film from Gareth Tunley, an actor with over 25 credited roles. He has been in such films as Kill List (2011) and Down Terrace (2009). The Ghoul has pass employment with Gareth, with people like Ben Wheatley as an executive producer. You can see Ben’s experience within the film, fully within the third act of the film. The dark mysterious vision that the film leans towards is something that both Gareth and Ben direct towards.

The Ghoul follows the life of Chris (Tom Meeten), who fantasies of being a detective that tries to figure out a double murder. As the film progresses, we see that he is in love with Kathleen (Alice Lowe), his university crush. He fantasies about her in his detective world, but also communicates with her in real life. The love that he has, takes a deep meaningful twist with his mental health issues. This is where the storyline gets exciting and more interesting. The film progresses to be something different, than your normal thriller.

Tom Meeten portrays Chris brilliantly, he is a home-grown British actor that needs to get the recognition he deserves. He has different styles of acting, in portraying Chris. Which shows the brilliance of Tom’s work. Especially, when Chris is frustrated with life but also going through different emotions. Tom has done an amazing job at portraying someone in dire need of help and attention.

The Ghoul is a very dark and mysterious drama that touches on certain issues with mental health. However, the dark element is the confusion that Chris is going through. The use of dark lightening, small rooms and symbols, helps that claustrophobic feeling, that we desire to feel. This was also helped by the score. The tension that the score brings is something that a lot of indie films don’t take time on. However, The Ghoul excels at this, it pins you down in a small room or in a car and then brings a feeling that can only be described as tightening across your chest. This is something that only an auteur director can do, by placing themselves within the film and the character’s head, this is when the composer can have the right idea of how the character is feeling.

 As mentioned before, The Ghoul raises issues with mental health. It isn’t obvious until the second act of the film, this only happens when you figure out the meaning of the film and the depths of the character’s. Mental health needs to be addressed more in our society and The Ghoul has certainly done that.

Unfortunately, The Ghoul won’t get the respect or recognition that it deserves because of how small the production is. It is a must-see film that plays with your mind and heart. It is a thrilling psychological drama that gets your heart racing and your mind thinking. The Ghoul is one of the true greats of showing issues that needs to be addressed within films.