About – Scott and Mal are a potent husband/wife scientific team on the verge of creating the most powerful technology the world has ever seen.

Directed and written by Mark Balunis, comes this brilliant drama/sci-fi story Palindrome. The script and the direction that the film goes is a very realistic one. It has the vision that goes into the future that could happen very soon. Mark has the imagination that every scientist and sci-fi fan has, by producing a transporter that works. The direction that the film goes in, is brilliant, it is like a light-hearted romance/sci-fi/drama.

The brilliance of the name Palindrome lets your imagination run wild. With a name like this anything can happen in a science fiction film. The use of DNA formations or just the generic use of the word that resembles a word that is the same forward and backward. A title that is well thought out really does let your mind wonder, before the opening scene commences.

We are thrown into the middle of Scott and Mal’s relationship, finding out that Mal has memory loss and Scott must deal with it. Plus, creating a device that teleports objects. Mal must deal with her memory loss and be the brains behind the teleporter. Scott is the mechanic, creating the teleporter so it works perfectly. Both set of characters are loveable and intriguing. The performances were great, they both have work for improvement to get into the head of the character to make it a brilliant performance. That will come with time, with more films they both do.

The special effects are stunningly incredible. The actual teleporter is brilliantly well put together. The camera teases us at first and then goes through the teleporter and then we see the full achievement that Scott and Mal have created. The use of the camera angles and shots, help us imagine that it would be like to have created something like this. It has the means of imagination that people can only think about, whereas Mark has delivered this brilliant foreseen imagine that we think one would look like.

Palindrome has a very clear understanding of where the narrative is going. However, the ending is something that can only be imaginative in a sci-fi film. It is very unexpected, which is a clever way of ending something by leaving the audience shocked.