About – A man and his family are trying to find a way to escape the criminal community they live in.

Trespass Against Us is a very simple storyline. It is a crime drama that has been seen before. Unfortunately, a great cast and different scenarios doesn’t change the outcome of the usual British thug story.

The main focus is the Cutlers, Chad (Michael Fassbender) and his father Colby (Brendan Gleeson) who are ‘travellers’. They’re against the normal codes and conventions of society. They’re thieves and hooligans, yet they have the capability to do high robberies.

Trespass against us Fassbender and Gleeson

Chad is the character that wants to look after his family, married to Kelly (Lyndsey Marshal). She wants to get out of this community and raise their children in a nicer area and attend school. Unfortunately, Chad cannot read or write because his dad didn’t want him to conform into a society that he didn’t believe in. This leads Chad and Kelly wanting their children to have a normal life.
Fassbender, portrays Chad in a brilliant way. By having such a high actor in an independent British film, it shows the faith that Fassbender had in the production. His acting was second to none and truly brings out a fantastic representation of a ‘traveller’.

From debut feature director Adam Smith, he plays on a realistic British drama. It is stylish without any concerns. However, the drive to wanting more from the narrative isn’t there.

Trespass Against Us written by Alastair Siddons, portrays the characters as ‘evil’. Yet, we don’t feel like this when leaving. We are somewhat feeling sorry for the characters that are in this vicious circle. By having Chad not being able to read or write, he is fighting for his children to not fall into the same path he is in. If the characters are ‘evil’ then this feeling shouldn’t come to us afterwards.

We are made to believe that these are criminals, without a doubt they’re and they know they are. However, these criminals are only living life within the community set by Colby. It is his rules and nothing else applies. With regards to Chad issues are set out that could have carried on but we see the same outcome with every issue raised.

Finally, the filmmakers have an obvious vision bringing British dramas to life. However, they need to focus on a point and go down that road. There are too many issues raised but never finalised. Performances were brilliantly, especially from the two main men Fassbender and Gleeson. Trespass Against Us is a great independent British film, that was nominated for best actor and best supporting actor at the British Independent Film Awards.