About – An environmental short film about the way humanity has lost the race for survival and the saviour of the planet.

The Velvet Abstract has a 8.36 minutes’ running time, which displays some very interesting visual effects. That inform us the damage we are doing to the planet. This is done by purple illustrations and animations with a very humble narrator. Which is telling a story about our planet and how we are destroying it. With a running time of 8.36 there is a lot of information that is thrown to us. However, there is enough information for us to process. The narrator and the visuals work together brilliantly, for the right amount of entertainment and information being put together.

The score produces nostalgia that can only be described as bringing us back down to earth. The humbling score and the soft narrator truly brings the whole film together. They help each other to enhance the visuals that are key within the film. The narrator is Tobias Menzies, who came straight from the success of The Night Manager, to record the narration for the script.

Finally, The Velvet Abstract is an environmental short film that produces us with information that raises awareness about our planet. Which is exactly its aims to the viewer, this was done correctly. Everything within the production is done brilliantly, they all work together for the viewer left feeling informed but shocked at the same time.