About –  An aspiring fashion designer must choose between fulfilling her promise or realising her dream.

The Story of 90 Coins, is a beautiful love story that shows true romance and passion. Both for two totally different reasons. Romance for the love of a relationship and the passion for work. These two issues are what our modern world thrives off. It is either your relationship or your dream job that you must choose from. The Story of 90 Coins truly shows a modern world between the two. No matter where you are in the world, at what age, this story can be relatable to all.

The acting was great, not perfect but how the performances were portraying the characters was great. The amount of time both characters were on-screen, showed the real intension from the narrative on who we feel towards each character.

The Story of 90 Coins is beautifully shot. Shot with a 16: 9 aspect ratio, which is very typical with romance dramas. However, the full screen doesn’t make you wonder off the aim issue. It helps you concentrate on the characters and their actions. Every scene is stunning, making each space and place feel like we were looking through a window or in the room. This brought the tension and the passion into the film from the audience.

Finally, The Story of 90 Coins, is beautifully shot representing the true pure love and passion for the aspiring fashion designer. The performances and characters were great. The male role, could have been more from the male character in the aspect of fighting and show more passion. By letting the audience remind us the following “Don’t let a promise just be a beautiful memory”.

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