About – A modern-day relationship between a young male and female, where a padlock is the mystery behind the truth of their relationship.

Padlock is a short film that could have easily been a successful feature. The narrative is gripping and the performances were professional. The interaction that the audience needs towards the characters and storyline is there, by having the gripping narrative start from the off. Which makes you want the short film to last more than the 17 minutes running time.

The young male Matt (Valmike Rampersad) is a very shy and weak person. Who doesn’t stand-up for himself during difficult issues in his life. He is confused and frightened of the outcome of the relationship. Valmike Rampersad portrays Matt brilliantly. From Valmike’s emotions we are drawn to the emotional side of Matt, which puts the audience into the shoes of the character. This makes us feel uncomfortable in the right way and this makes you think about reality while watching something for the entertainment purpose.

Without giving too much away there are two Julie’s, the young female, played by Gina Bramhill and Antonia Bernath. Both performances were great, you felt the overpowering mentality from both sets of actresses coming from both sets of characters (if you spot the difference). Julie is a mysterious character that likes to take control of situations. She is kind but evil at the same time due to things that Matt does during the day.

Padlock touches on realistic issues that a lot of young relationships go through. You never know what might be going on behind closed doors. Padlock truly shows the shock value of a modern-day relationship that is in this situation. Perhaps this certain issue wasn’t meant to represent a link between reality and the short. However, it touches on some issues of domestic violence and how people change on who they’re talking to and what happens behind closed doors.

Finally, Padlock is a mysterious drama that has a hint of sci-fi. The characters and performances were brilliant. You are thrown into the middle of this modern-day relationship and we are intrigued from the start, due to the characters and how they perform towards the narrative. Padlock touches on issues that most people don’t see, but it’s an issue that needs to be addressed.