About – An ex-hitman returns to the scene, after his beloved dog was killed and his car was stolen by a gang of gangsters.

John Wick doesn’t hold back on the action sequences. Today we see action films that don’t use their own guns but use fist fighting or mixed martial arts. No surprise that John Wick uses the mixed arts and fist fighting. However, John Wick doesn’t hold back on the action scenes of using his gun and showing the blood bath that modern day action films don’t usually show. It doesn’t hold back in showing the audience the real use of guns and knives.

The most memorable action sequence was a club scene. The choreography that went into this particular scene is magnificent. You are always aware of the people around John and having an insight to the view point of John as well. There is no hesitation in the way this scene pans out, you are thrown into the middle of the action sequence which is a thrilling moment within the film.

Unfortunately, John Wick is quite predictable, just like any action film out there today like Bond and Bourne. The predictability is that John is always going to win, no matter what the size on the man in front of him. The narrative is quite similar to a lot of action films in the past decade. Heartbroken man, returns to the evil side of his past to get revenge. Obviously, there are differences within the storyline but John Wick doesn’t leave the audience to use their imagination apart from some gold coins.

John Wick is portrayed by Keanu Reeves well-known for being in The Matrix (1999) and Speed (1994). Keanu did an amazing job in this role, he made John come to life. The emotional thrill that John Wick needed was done by the performance from Keanu. John Wick is the character that you feel sorry for, but as the saying goes what comes around comes around. With that in mind, his past is reflected on the present day of wanting revenge on the people that took advantage of him.

Overall, John Wick is a fascinating action thriller, that shows an actual shooting sequence. All performances were great, however, no one stood out for that perfect performance that we are looking for. John Wick is a classic action packed thriller that grips you from the start.