About – A Hollywood stuntman and mechanic, is also a getaway driver and finds himself helping a neighbour when it all turns sour.

‘Drive’ is a very simple storyline. Man, has side job, meets girl, wants to impress her, small scenarios get in his way before the ending. In a nut shell ‘Drive’ should be quite boring, dull in fact. However, Nicolas Winding Refn the director, introduces an effective score and a brilliant cast, making this simple narrative become a fascinating crime thriller.

With a budget of $15 million you are expecting to get a brilliant cast. ‘Drive’ brings in some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks, Oscar Isaac and Ron Perlman plus many more.

We never find out what the real name of Ryan Goslings character is, apart from him being referred to as ‘Driver’. Driver is very lonesome person; he is mysterious and somewhat trustworthy in the mist of all this. He can look after himself by not having a connection with other characters. Ryan Gosling who portrays Driver, does this in a way that we feel like we know this character, like we know someone that is this mysterious. Ryan is an incredible actor and portrays his role well, for us to feel that on-screen relationship with.

This was helped by the intense score that was composed by Cliff Martinez who has composed music for ‘War Dogs’ & ‘Only God Forgives’. By having such a tension seeking score we get this ‘edge of your seat’ feeling, which makes you intrigued in what is around the corner for Driver.

The use of slow motion enhances the feeling of being part of the action. By having silent slow-motion in the action sequences, it brings the viewer more into the scene than if there were fast pace melodies coming from the score. This is very different, as many Hollywood films bring us that fast pace. However, ‘Drive’ breaks down those normal codes and conventions, and brings us something different for us to feel part of this crime thrilling drama.

‘Drive’ being a crime, drama, you aren’t expecting a lot of gore factor. However, ‘Drive’ proceeds to bring us some shocking gory footage. From an eye being stabbed with a fork and someone with multiple shot wounds. The gore factor was brilliantly done, there wasn’t a lot of gore to make you squeamish but there was enough for the scenarios that it was portraying.

‘Drive’ is a very successful story, simple but effective. It drives us around the corner to something new in every scene. The score and the slow-motion effect work together to achieve the right balance for us to engage in the action scene. It is different but most importantly effective for this simple storyline. All acting and characters were terrific you were afraid of the villain’s and you fall in love with the ‘normal’ characters. Brilliant, easy on the eye film.