About – A dancer/singer that is hooked on her first love, she is feared by the love that might come her way.

‘No Goodbye’ is a German production, coming from WTF (Weird Tiny Films). They have made a handful of short films, and are trying to produce their first feature film.

The cinematography in ‘No Goodbye’ was beautiful; has a sense of 1950’s Hollywood burlesque effect over the top of the entire film. It is professionally done. In a way, we felt there is still this sense of vintage within dancers and singers of the 1950’s. This type of filmmaking has died down. However, ‘No Goodbye’ shows that this type of effect on films do not age, it looks classy and sexy.

With regards to the acting and the characters. Unfortunately, there was no chemistry between the characters and the audience. It breaks down the normal codes and conventions that we see normally, where we feel something for the characters. However, the acting was good on portraying what they had. If this was done on purpose or by accident it worked.

Finally, ‘No Goodbye’ is a short that sees potential but doesn’t give us enough, to have a relationship with the characters. The score and cinematography balance themselves out by working together to achieve the greater feel of that 1950’s burlesque effect. Unfortunately, the ending was also a big disappointment as this is a very amateur way of ending a film, it would have been better ending the short film with something outside of the box for the audience to keep guessing what happened to the character.