About – A feature long length documentary that explains and expresses the coming war on China. This goes into detail on the US army and governments dating back to a century ago, testing nuclear experiments on people and livestock on islands in the pacific. This leads onto China and the US bases around China, which are trying to take power over the communist country.

‘The Coming War on China’ looks back at over a century ago to date, when the US invaded the islands of Marshall Islands. By showing the people of these islands that the US are the good guys, showing videos of propaganda films to show they’re friendly. Afterwards the US took a handful of military ships and submarines and set off a nuclear bomb, 52 counting from the 1950’s to the 1990’s. The documentary really shows the beginning of World War 3 and the history of the coming war that has been dated since the 1950’s.


Interviews were taken place with the survivors, which told their side of the story. This carries on with China and American military covering their backs saying this didn’t happen, when clearly with video and photo evidence and evidence from the people on the islands with burns. It is obvious this happened and the people were used as human guinea pigs.

China comes into the film halfway through, showing the difference between the American government and China’s. This shows the communist and capitalist countries coming to terms with domination and paranoia, mostly from America. It also goes into deal on what America is trying to build within China. The US military are making military bases and nuclear power plants, with protesters from China trying to stop this happening.

John Pilger’s a political film journalists narrates and interviews everyone during the documentary. He sets the tone asking the survivors and people affected by the American government, this gets serious which really makes you feel sorry for the interviewers. When he is interviewing the American military or ex government political parties, you expect him to interrogate them but instead he asks the questions, and then politely tells the facts to what happened to their face. John has done a huge amount of documentaries about war and politics, from ‘The War on Democracy (2007)’ and ‘The War You Don’t See (2010)’. This showing his compelling work to show the west what governments are covering up is something that people need to see.

‘The Coming War on China’ has a lot of hate for the American government and military, with a lot of “they did this, they did that”. Yes this would show a very negative picture on America if you are not from there, or already have a negative picture about them. However don’t we as the west do this about the eastern countries every day in the media, from TV news to newspapers to even magazine and in our films. Without a doubt they both have their arguments on which country is more superior, from nuclear weapons and more billionaires which are touched upon within the documentary.

Finally, ‘The Coming War on China’ truly shows the awfulness of what the west media, military and governments hide from us. This should have been taught in schools or in further education. Unlike this documentary this really shows the true extent of what John Pilger’s had to show us. That was a documentary airing at 10.35 on a Wednesday night (UK), if it was on earlier I think it would have got a lot more people involved in the actions of what the film was showing. Congratulations to John for producing such a brilliant and educational documentary to the west.