About – Emotional Motor Unit (EMU) is a sci-fi futurist reality, of a writer (Graham Cawte) that writes entertainment stories for ‘the company’. After getting promoted he gets a little friend EMU (Francesca Burgoyne) who keeps him company for a short while, before she is taken away from him.

While EMU touches on the aspects of loneliness and being out of the know, this short really ensures that you feel the pain of the writer. In this futurist sci-fi the writer gets the same feelings as the real world, this draws the tone to the short of what to expect. He is taking drugs to keep himself sane as he is not allowed to interact with anybody else apart from the agent (Finian Nainby-Luxmore) that sets him work that the company tell him. This is really saddening that the writer isn’t allowed to explore or have enough life experiences to writer real entertainment, as he said to the agent “as you know my life experiences are minimal I may not be the best candidate for this job.” This just shows what sort of man the writer is that he is willing to bring himself down even from a promotion. This lonely man is brainwashed by ‘the company’ that control him and of his feelings.


EMU appears shortly after the writer meets the agent about his promotion, showing her being programmed for the near future. She only has a small part but a part that is very powerful for the rest of the film and the outcome. Her dazzling purple blue eyes that fixate onto the writer and the camera, which were pure fascination, which was helped by the make-up and the effects that was put onto Francesca Burgoyne. Francesca’s acting was superb and really made this short realistic even though it is set in the future.

The score with no words from the characters, really helped have this sci-fi feel to it. I can only imagine making a sci-fi short is hard work, rather complex but with the help of the score these moments of sadness for the writer really help impact that onto the viewer. It has a sense of the 1980’s sci-fi feel to it, with the keyboard electronics helping this 80’s feel to it.

Overall the short is a very sad and lonely but has a sense of ‘if only she stayed’ feel to it. What ifs are big playing fields for the writer and if he didn’t meet EMU then everything would have been different and the loneliness wouldn’t have hit him as much. This truly shows that short films can make a big impact outside of drama and storytelling EMU really makes you think and that is what really works with this short.