About – An awkward and saddened relationship conversation between a husband and wife, while having breakfast that shows the long and hard worked relationship coming to an end.

Joe Johnson, directed, wrote, composed and edited his debut short film ‘Something Blue’ that is been sent off to different film festivals around the UK.

‘Something Blue’ is used as one of the things in a traditional marriage that is told what you need on the day. The title takes this tradition and explains what the short film is going to be about, of a married or a relationship. This is a very clever way to underline the actual meaning of the film, by having this sort of title makes you start thinking what the history is with the relationship.


The characters are having a heated, awkward conversation over breakfast; the way that it is awkward is by the characters looking directly into the camera, into the audience’s eyes. This connection draws the audience into the film and makes you relate to the characters on-screen. There are also long pauses and stares, this isn’t too long and works perfectly for us to feel what the characters are going through. For instance when the wife is telling him he can’t do something he takes a long stare outside and then into the camera, which makes us think exactly what he is thinking. This meaning that he doesn’t have to deal with this anymore and the connection that she is bringing hurtfulness to him and the relationship. This brings the audience’s connection to the characters more meaningful, which isn’t used in film often but works in an effective way but simple.

Another way that the short makes the audience feel awkward and have that connection is by the score, which was composed by Joe himself. The slow piano and the long pauses to match the characters silence is done in a way that places you within the film. Piano melodies are used commonly for tension, ‘Something Blue’ perfectly fits this tension of awareness and awkwardness with the characters, which is exactly what ‘Something Blue’, is aiming to do.

There is a scene with a glass of water, the wife holds onto the glass and responds with “did you pick this out specially” with the response from her husband “of course… I thought it was your favourite” this use of a simple glass of water adds so much tension and acknowledgement to the relationship,  that you feel sorry for the husband. That he is only trying to help and make her feel special but unfortunately this isn’t the case and back fires. This again adds brilliant awkwardness to the storyline and the relationship we have access too.


The relationship is losing interest and so is the husband within, the use of metaphors are key in ‘Something Blue’ the conversation goes onto gardening and the use of the gardening as a metaphor of something grows and blossoms but always dies. Not every relationship is this case, however majority of today’s marriages and relationships end up this way. The use of the gardening is done superbly if it was done on purpose or by accident or not at all, the metaphor is done brilliantly for this underlining tone for the film.

Finally, ‘Something Blue’ is being sent off to film festivals around the UK and it deserves so much praise thanks to the debut director Joe Johnson. The score perfectly fits this intimate relationship conversation with the slow piano melody which adds more tension to the short. ‘Something Blue’ truly brings a realistic insight to a lot of awkward ending marriages today around the kitchen table, trying to make small talk and trying to fix the situation that is ending.

For more information about the new short film from Joe Johnson see the links below. http://twitter.com/SomethingBluePB