About – A singer/songwriter must decide to keep following her dream when everything around her is telling her otherwise.

Leslie captures the true meaning and values of what an artist has to go through in their life. That comes to terms with reality and dreams, however passion always overpowers reality, which is exactly how Leslie portrays these feelings.

Leslie’s cinematography is done in such a beautiful, perfect way to reflect the two different sides that Holly (Kika Magalhaes) has to come to terms with. With the use of mirrors throughout the short, this symbolises the two different sides that she has to choose from. The reality factor in the mirror that she doesn’t want to go down, or the real Holly stood there following her dream. The way that this works is wonderfully well in indication of the film, and how you interpret Holly as a whole if she is going to break or carry on fighting the passion.

The non-diogetic undertone to the short really resembles the feelings that Holly is going through. The music represents the way Holly is feeling and it creates an atmosphere to the viewer of how we should be feeling towards her emotions. When Holly is happy the music is a nice, soft melody that brings a warm feeling to your viewing experience. This also happens when Holly is upset; a piano soft melody which makes your heart tight in the reflection of what Holly would be feeling like during this particular situation. The way that the non-diogetic sound works in relation to the on-screen relationship, is done in a way only an artist and someone who has passion about something can relate to. This brings it back to the meaning of the film, which is having that dream and passion for something that you can’t give up on.

Another way that the on-screen relationship works is by having Holly reminiscing about certain things, this brings the audience into her life like she is trusting us to have this information to feel the pain or happiness that she is feeling. The flashbacks are hazy and without dialogue, which works to add to the sentimental value of Holly, to us the viewer. This makes the short personal to the artist and resembles the true factor of working hard.

Ultimately, Leslie is a realistic reflection of what all artists have to go through to fulfil their dream. The passion comes from a brilliant performance by Kika Magalhaes, which really captures the style of passion which is exactly what you want from a short like this one. Beautifully shot and stunning undertone to all artists around.

Rating – 4/5 stars

Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3-ikiKAW7k&feature=youtu.be