About – An unmatched pair of detectives in the 1970’s LA (USA), find each other to solve a case of a missing pornstar that leads them to something greater than a missing person.

Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) and Holland March (Ryan Gosling) find each other on a mission to find a young pornstar activist Amelia Kuttner (Margaret Qualley). When trying to find her, come across on why she has become a pornstar, by doing an ‘experimental’ video in which the storyline of the video is about government corruption and the polluted air. Which was one of Amelia’s starting points in becoming an activist. Jackson and Holland have to find her before her mother and the authorities do. By entering a house party full of pornstar’s they find out where Amelia is and try to talk to her but she doesn’t know they’re the ‘nice guys’, she gets captured by the authorities which ends up with Jackson and Holland on a rescue mission making sure she doesn’t get killed.

The problem with Hollywood comedy like The Nice Guys is that is it very predictable, in every action sequence you knew exactly what was about to happen. For instance Jackson and Holland were at Holland’s house and an outside contractor came to the house and started shooting with a machine gun. Obviously they wouldn’t survive but with Hollywood the good guys have to live to finish the story off. In this instance alone as soon as the outsider got a gun out of his trunk you knew straight away there was going to be action without anyone actually being killed. This happens all the way through The Nice Guys where you knew exactly what was about to happen. The reason why it felt like it was so predictable was because of the trailers showing exactly what happened and when it comes down to the actual scene you knew what we coming. For me this part of the film was taken away from the viewing experience.

With regards to comedy without a doubt it was funny but not funny to make you roll around on the floor or fall out your seat, but humorous to make you giggle. A couple of concerns with the comedy is that what you have seen on the trailers isn’t actually that funny in the film, if you haven’t seen the trailers your one of the lucky ones when you do watch The Nice Guys you are going to love it. But like I previously said it was obvious what we coming and the humour was exactly the same. Also some parts of the comedy was references to Hitler and his moustache and his one ball, which took away the humour that the film is supposed to be, that felt a like a comedy act with their own actions and dialogue. The comedy element was like Starsky & Hutch (2004), two detectives that are terrible at their job but still gets the job done, with humour involved to distracted viewers of the terrible storyline.

Being part of the 1970’s in LA, there was a massive rise of billboards promoting their products or in this case films. The Nice Guys don’t hold back on the 1970’s very cheesy nostalgia. With this being of the era with Jaws 2 being released and the famous ‘Pina Colada’ song, and ‘Boogie Wonderland’ the film knows where it stands on the bringing the 1970’s feel.

Nice Guys
Something positive to come from The Nice Guys is the partnership of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. It was like these two have been friends since a young age they gelled so well on-screen it was like watching a true friendship. Holland falls down a hillside; Jackson asks “did you fall down the hill?” “No I slipped” Holland responds, “I doubt that” this little insight of the two having a small banter moment with each other when Jackson knows full well that Holland fell down the hill. This sort of friendship is exactly what everybody’s friendship with a certain person is like. Russell and Ryan truly made the film, but in my eyes Ryan was the key to the whole partnership here. Jackson (Russell Crowe) is the sort of character that could have been played by anyone in truth, he didn’t have the witty humour like Holland did it was just a big guy walking around that knew what he was doing. Whereas Holland (Ryan Gosling) was perfect for this character, he has the personality of Holland with the witty comments and not caring of what happens to him as long as he gets the money, it was like an insight to how Ryan actually lives. This is strange to see in a film like The Nice Guys because it is a crime comedy, but you really felt like Ryan Gosling was this character all the time which was lovely and strange to see in a Hollywood film.

The Nice Guys, is your usual Hollywood comedy, boobs, smoking, drinking, and over the top ‘villains’. Without a doubt The Nice Guys is a comedy it has a lot of laughs but the humour on certain occasions isn’t funny at all. The storyline is standard, there is no imagination gone into the story at all, it is like a modern-day take of Starsky & Hutch (2004). The ‘bromance’ of the two characters and actors lived up to the marketing scheme chat shows that came about before the release date, seeing Russell and Ryan having a laugh and telling stories is exactly how the characters behaved, which made it really easy on the eye knowing they gelled perfectly together off-screen and on-screen.

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