About – News gets to a drifter that makes him go back to his childhood hometown, to get vengeance for his parent’s death.

This is the first time that I have seen Jeremy Saulnier work, with the new release of Green Room (13th May UK) I have looked into Jeremy Saulnier and wanted to get a good feel of his work before Green Room. I was not disappointed and totally excited for Green Room.
Jeremy Saulnier for Blue Ruin was the Director, Writer and Cinematographer. What I loved about Blue Ruin is that Jeremy knows how to make an epic crime thriller.

The cinematography was second to none; it was breath-taking how good visually Blue Ruin was. Every shot was done in a way that makes you fixate on the fact that this could be a true story, like you was actually at these locations watching the action unfold. The only film that could come close to the cinematography effect would be Sicario; both these films really took my breath away. Jeremy Saulnier knows how to create a crime thriller done in a visual way it was magnificent, the excitement for Green Room now is very high.

The first act was a bit confusing, for some reason they must have thought you already knew what was going on and the characters. For me that just went straight into the film with no knowledge, it was quite difficult to follow. The way that it was confusing was the characters were just talking to each other with no centre stage to introduce themselves or each other like most films. By the second act when the storyline was clear and the plots started to unveil themselves it was satisfying and a sense of relief but it took far too long to figure out characters and plots. The second and third act was unbelievable everything that was in these two acts was spot on, it worked so well, which was really satisfying knowing this compared to the first act.
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Blue Ruin is a true thriller that is heart racing, it is a magnificent gory crime drama with a hint of humour which was used perfectly in the situations it was used in. With Green Room just round the corner my expectations are very high compared to Blue Ruin, the thrill was amazing kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Heart racing and dropping, when the non-diogetic sound was applied you knew something was going to happen making your heart go 100 mile per hour which is exactly what you want from a crime thriller like Blue Ruin. The gory scenes weren’t too much to handle either and were used in a perfect way that it reminded me of Quentin Tarantino but not to the extent of his work which was really beautiful to see. The humour element was used again in a perfect way, when you realised what certain characters were doing and saying in the context was done amazingly which was refreshing to see in a crime thriller.

Macon Blair, who played Dwight, is the main character and the focus point of the whole film.
Dwight is the sort of character that is an amateur drifter that wanted to get vengeance for his parent’s death. Amateur in his actions that he took and talking to characters by him being a drifter for so long it was hard for him to keep convocation and look at people in the eye, which is why the film doesn’t have a lot of dialogue involved. Dwight is a superb character who you can relate to on wanting these people dead, you really feel his emotion and the sense of humour that he brings is done in perfect way.
Macon Blair, does an incredible job at this role, he really gets to know the character and uses this sense of revenge emotion to play a big part of how the character is shown. Macon is also in Green Room which is going to be quite hard to comprehend due to the ending of Blue Ruin, which I know he isn’t the same character and the two films don’t match but by using the same actors is quite confusing for some audiences, but it could work depending how the characters are exposed.

Blue Ruin, is a superb thriller crime drama, which makes your heart race by the non-diogetic sound and the incredible cinematography which is second to none. All these elements are perfect through-out the film which again makes it a wonderful thriller. By having that confusion at the beginning didn’t bore or turn me off, by having a structure like this for the storyline and plots,  is unusual in a thriller but it works on making you think about, who these characters are and making you tell the story on your own. When everything does come out in the blue the satisfaction is uncanny which makes Blue Ruin a chilling crime thriller.

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