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About – A young programmer was thought to have won a competition but really selected, to visit a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence by testing an unbelievable humanoid A.I.

There are three main characters involved in Ex Machina, all great characters and incredible actors playing their roles.
First of all Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson), Caleb is a character in which you want him to succeed in the troubles that he comes across, but you also want him to fail due to the cockiness and how over intelligent he thinks he is compared to Nathan. But this could have been a problem for Domhnall Gleeson by not giving that raw performance we was all waiting for from him. There was frustration from the character and Domhnall, that feeling of this role could have threatened the film altogether, not in a bad way, but how the story flows with Caleb, it should have shown more to the audience of what he wanted to achieve and not 20 minutes from the ending of the film. Also Domhnall Gleeson could have shown more emotions while being engaged with other characters especially Ava who was played by Alicia Vikander. By doing so the emotions could have made the engagement from screen to audience that more real and satisfying. This is the only negative feeling for this character and actor, but arguing my case, Domhnall really did make this believable that an amateur programmer won a competition and got to visit his ‘hero’. Domhnalls performance while being nervous and mislead was really great by him you could really relate and understand what he was going through at certain parts of the story.

This leads onto Nathan (Oscar Isaac). Nathan, is a very smart but resentful character, you do have to like him throughout the film due to the witty humour and knowledge in the topic of field he works in. Without a doubt an amazing character, do not think this could have been possible without the acting of Oscar Isaac. You will know Oscar from Force Awakens but you wouldn’t have recognised him, bald head with a beard, totally different compared to Stars Wars. Anyhow Oscar really shines to this character you realise the raw talent that he has with this performance, you can really see he put in 100% into this movie, especially at the awkward scenes between him and Caleb.

As previously said there are three main characters involved, last but not least, my favourite character Ava performed by Alicia Vikander. Where to start with Ava… She is the character you straight away feel sorry for but also really fascinated by. By being a humanoid who is trying to figure everything out about the outside world and how humans work, it is like a child figuring everything out for the first time but can talk fluent English. Ava is truly magnificent, flawless, and smooth. She wouldn’t be all these things without Alicia Vikander’s performance, you will know her from ‘Danish Girl’ & ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E’ but again just like Oscar Isaac you wouldn’t know it was her. Alicia is one of those actresses that always puts in every emotion and works hard for the right outcome and without a doubt she doesn’t disappoint in Ex Machina. You really do feel the on-screen relationship and it’s beautiful to see from such a young woman compared to a handful of popular actresses that don’t give you that satisfaction in their performances. Also Alicia makes you feel sorry for Ava, she brings this eye watering sense of sadness that this humanoid is trapped and all she wants to do is explore, Alicia makes this happen without a doubt making you feel all her emotions and lets you forget about what’s actually happening behind them closed doors.

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Ex Machina is visually stunning, by taking away the rest of the film for example storyline, acting, and just concentrate on the actual footage and visual effects that were used it really is a great achievement, by the guys that worked on this. Ex Machina is really the most flawless and smooth film that has been released in a long time especially with special effects. There is nothing worse than cheap, rubbish special effects that production companies don’t care about because they know it will still make money because of the storyline or the actors they have chosen. Whereas Ex Machina which is done for the bliss grateful visual that we see you appEx Machina Nathans housereciate every little scene. Ava is truly flawless you can see her insides working away when she is walking or talking, the home of Nathan is exactly what you would imagine when you think of someone with that much intelligence and power.
With regards to Ex Machina and the awards, it won the Oscar for Best Achievement in Visual Effects; there is no question it is really the best visual effects that has come out in a while. But, to say it is a Film4 film it didn’t win the same award at the BAFTA’s but arguing that comment it was up against Star Wars The Force Awakens and there is no competition with the Star Wars franchise.

British films have been incredible in 2015; Ex Machina and Room doing well in awards season but forget the awards. Film4 have truly made great progress with making awesome dramas. Ex Machina makes British filmmakers light up with glee, Hollywood usually get all the credit for making great dramas and action films. Ex Machina is a game changer, with the acting, script, characters and effects, there is no flaw within the film which is great for British films and Film4. Hopefully there will be more like this within the future because Ex Machina is truly magnificent visually and storyline.

Finally, to conclude this essay of a review, the raw emotion from the acting is refreshing to see and they didn’t have to use big name actors and actresses to get this emotion clear to the audience. There is no negative word to say about the visual effects they’re truly mouth watering. Wish I saw this at the cinema now but it still had this impact on me sitting at home on the sofa.