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About – A message leads James Bond (Daniel Craig) to Mexico and Rome. After breaking into a secret meeting finds out the ruthless organization ‘SPECTRE’. Going down the path from the message, Bond finds out a heartbreaking connection with himself and the enemy.

The storyline was incredible. Starting off with 007 walking through the heart of the Day of the Dead Festival, looking very suspicious with a woman. The usual happens in this opening scene just like in every James Bond film with the action packed, explosions, a chase and of course a fight scene. The screening had more humour from the other three 007 films, making Spectre a little more entertaining. There wasn’t a lot of sex but it wasn’t necessary because the storyline went down the track of needing Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) more than just using her, she was the key to helping James Bond finish what he started.

Parts of the story just wasn’t necessary, understanding the whole connection between Bond and his villain, Bond just walked into the hands of Oberhauser (Christoph Waltz), which isn’t very 007. Within this part of the film there is a scene which doesn’t need to be included but also doesn’t make sense on what happens to Bond. It was as if Sam Mendes (Director) wanted this scene for an easy way out of the 007 franchise. The scene lacked imagination, making it uninteresting. The scene didn’t have to be included in the film editing they could have left it out and made a better action filled sequence to carry on the amazing storyline.  

Rumour has it that this is going to be Daniel Craig’s last 007 film. With the franchise lasting four films, Daniel Craig looks to be having enough of playing James Bond, from a recent interview with Esquire. He told the interviewer if he had to choose now he would leave the franchise behind. Looking back on Daniel Craig’s performances in all his 007 films, he has done some astonishing work playing James Bond superbly. With the first film ‘Casino Royale’ personal favourite down to ‘Spectre’ running for nine years Daniel has really made James Bond look remarkable. Hopefully it won’t be the last we see of him but we just have to wait and see.

Bond films didn’t interest me as a child growing up, so I guess it’s down to personal opinion with the whole 007 agent franchise. But Spectre as a whole is a must see film, as a new record for British Box Office making a staggering £40 million in just a week, which humiliates Skyfall’s opening week. So if you enjoyed Skyfall you’re going to love Spectre, full of James Bond, looking smart as ever in his white tuxedo and of course fighting villains that get in his path to succession.

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