About – The most notorious criminals in British history, the legendary Kray twins, Ronnie & Reggie. A short inside of the East End of London in the 1960’s with this empire of crime.

If you’re not familiar with the Kray twins and what they did in the late 1950’s to the end of 1960’s, it doesn’t matter with Legend. You have a good understanding on how big these brothers actually were by the end of the film. You get thrown into the deep end with Legend, having a understand isn’t necessary (I didn’t). Just knowing which is Reggie and Ronnie is important which isn’t really that hard to figure out. With Tom Hardy playing both roles make the film that more brilliant and easy to follow.

Tom Hardy, has been in a few brilliant films in the past couple of years and looks like he’s going far with later this year release ‘The Revenant’. Tom Hardy’s performance made it that more enjoyable, seeing an English actor taking a leading role and doing it twice with Reggie & Ronnie Kray. Tom Hardy suggested to Brian Helgeland that he wanted to play Ronnie but Brian wanted Tom to play Reggie due to his badass character, but Tom refused. They both came to an agreement that Tom would play both characters. With Tom playing both characters it works so well due to the obvious, the Krays been twins but you can tell the difference straight away, with the excellent performance from Tom Hardy.

Within Legend there is humour, this is unusual for a biopic due to its truth-telling but with Legend it has that special element. The way the film has been shot helps that comical edge to the film. This is a prime example of how the shots and humour work so well, Ronnie comes out of his campervan and talks to Francis and comments, ‘NO… I prefer boys thank you’. With the context that it is used in and the shot, it is that type of humour that got the audience going because it was so unexpected.

Legend, isn’t that hardcore gangster film, where you are scared of the true blood-thirsty criminals. If you are looking for something that is serious from start to finish this wouldn’t be the film for you, but don’t get me wrong Legend takes a dark turn towards the end and gets serious on the real personality of Reggie Kray.