About – Unfriended is about a group of teenagers that are having a group chat on Skype, when an unwanted contact appears in the chat. After being confused about who this unwanted person is the chat turns into a game for this unidentified person, making each of them pay for their actions.

The way that Unfriended was set out on screen was from the main character (Blaire Lily) point of view, so from what she saw and did we saw it like we was controlling the screen. It was a very unique way of showing a new teenage horror film, been like you was on the laptop doing the exact same things as Blaire was made it that more real to the audience. Due to it being on a big chat you got to see everyone’s movement and reactions so you didn’t miss anything that was going on. You could argue that the unwanted contact was the main character just because it had a big part creating the game and the tension with the characters but equally they were all main at some point.

In Unfriended the use of real life timing with Skype and Facebook worked really well, the use of the characters point of view is the exactly way of the audience would if they were actually in the film. The use of Skype was a very good way of showing each characters emotion and behaviour without using cuts and different locations it was a simple but very had a very big impact on the audience due to the audience knowing what it is like sitting in front of a computer screen talking to your friends. With them not moving from this location made it simple for the audience to know where each character was as every single time, the characters were in the same house while filming with obviously different locations e.g. bedroom, living room, but it was all filmed under one roof making it easier for the production to have their say without themselves moving. With Facebook being used, you could tell the timing of the actual movement of the characters, having that time involved in the film makes it a lot easier for the audience to know when it was happening. It also made the audience think about what they should put up on Facebook and how easy it is to access someone profile without even thinking who can see the content. They didn’t show it was Skype or Facebook being used but because that many people use these social networking sites it was easy for the audience to notice what they were because we use them every day without thinking into it.

Seeing the film on the big screen had a good effect on the audience with the tension what was happening on screen, but when it gets released or people watching it online from websites, watching it in full screen on the laptop I think it would have more of an impact watching it on a laptop than another device. With the camera angle being from Blaire’s point of view, watching it on a laptop would make it seem like it was you control the film, it was a very smart idea from the production company to think like that knowing people would watch it more from online it would have more of an impact on the audience that way making it more scary with all the tension and gore scenes.

Finishing this review I would say well done to the production team for thinking like this, making it from the audience’s point of view. It was well filmed with all the lagging and time schedule with Facebook and Skype making it that more realistic to the audience when they watch it. It isn’t your usual horror film but it does bring a new horror genre to the table, with the live conversation with the characters and from the audiences point of view it brings the tension that more realistic.